What was your biggest roadblock in Email Marketing?

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I mean before making it into success. It was how to write emails? what products to send? how to make relationship? ???
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    For most people, it's that they forget email marketing is supposed to be a two way relationship. And once they get that coveted email address, they believe that the only thing left to do is sell...which ends up being their downfall.

    So the biggest roadblock in email marketing, by a landslide, is learning how to respect your lists and keep those people on board for the long haul.

    Learn to sell like a pro through Web Synergy's marketing blog.

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    I like to do 80/20 80% value or things my list can use to help them build there business and 20% on my offers with giving more value increases open rates
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    My biggest road block in email marketing was the 'open' rates. Back in 2005 email marketing used to convert like 'magic'. But nowadays people don't like to part with their best email address.

    Combine this issue with the competition of other marketers lists, the less responsiveness of people due to more busy lifestyles and most of our target markets being bombarded 'daily' about multiple offers and we have a growing problem.

    Email marketing is not dead (yet) but it is slowly declining.

    Yes we as marketers have to 'deliver' value but our leads are less responsive and this forces us to work longer and spend more money to generate more responsive leads.

    Sometimes it's like trying to fill a 'leaking bucket'.
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      Many would say trying to migrate a huge list to Aweber. Say good bye to more than half!
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      Originally Posted by Francesco Iantorno View Post

      I would have to say that getting around Aweber double optin.
      Aweber use double opt in to comply with Canspam act, however there are some free alternatives where by using your own capture page you can send out autoreponder messages because you have an alternative method of identifying the details of the person such as the ip address and time that lead was captured. You also know exactly what advert attracted them to your business.

      Many people purchase leads or email address's, which I would never recommend, for building a business as you do not know how they were captured and that is why the likes of Aweber use double optin to get around it is risking being accused of spamming

      David Ogden an Entrepreneur at Markethive which uses a suite of free marketing tools to promote his opportunity. Contact:- Telegram @davidogden

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    Just getting started. I put it off because I was scared of trying something new. If I had started out with a list, my first blog would be even bigger. It's a way to connect with your audience and find out what they need from you.
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    My biggest roadblock was getting the whole funnel set up. This was back in 2008.

    Took me 6 months to get everything ready before I was ready to grab my first subscriber!
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      Having a proper funnel setup and writing something out that i thought my subscribers might enjoy were the initial hurdles.

      I don't know why but at first I didn't feel as if anything i could write would be worth reading. Then i reflected that a lot of the lists I've been on didn't really write anything worth reading, so at minimum I could do better in some way. I just had to find my angle.

      I think any real email marketer has the constant struggle of getting new fresh leads though.
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    Originally Posted by Oliver13 View Post

    I mean before making it into success. It was how to write emails? what products to send? how to make relationship? ???
    The same question that most marketers are probably asking.

    How to convert my subscribers into my customers as quickly as possible so that I can make $ fast?

    Because at the end of the day, it is what we are here and been doing for.
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    I think the biggest roadblock for some people is the recurring cost of the autoresponder..for example, aweber charge $19/month.
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    Originally Posted by Oliver13 View Post

    I mean before making it into success. It was how to write emails? what products to send? how to make relationship? ???
    Hey Oliver,
    I think for me it was just organizing my emails and Follow Ups. And constructing them in a manner that would engage my Prospects and keep them wanting more and more.

    Its a process that takes time and work.

    - Robert Andrew
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    Biggest roadblock in email marketing I would say would be email open rate. With your subscriber being on so many list, in order to get a good open your email headlines have to be really eye catching and you have to build a trusting relationship with that subscriber which can be done by regularly sending informative helpful information.
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    My roadblock is actually building the list for the lowest price.
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    Originally Posted by Oliver13 View Post

    I mean before making it into success. It was how to write emails? what products to send? how to make relationship? ???
    My initial problem was that all the gurus were saying "it takes an average of 7 contacts to make a sale". So i would go into the autoresponder, and only make 7 emails. When only 1 out of 300 would order, i was pissed at the conversion rate.

    Now i do my own thing. 366 emails - one everyday. Increased my sales tenfold - and i give them a TON of content to learn from.
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    Not having anyone to show me the ropes.When i first started i didnt realize that using certain words in an email could have those messages sent to receivers spam mail so i was sending countless emails and most were not even opened cause they were being sent to spam
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