Offers To Send to my Kindle List?

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Hi Everyone,

I have build a substantial list of followers that enjoy reading my kindle books. The audience is very general and are interested in a wide variety of topics.

I'm looking for an offer I can send them along with my KDP select days and future books. I've thought about sending CPA offers to amazon gift cards, but the return is really low, or perhaps affiliate links to kindle readers or other books. I'm quite stumped and I am looking for ideas!

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  • Since I don't know exactly what kind of list you have, and since they're a general niche, it's tough.

    I'm not sure what kind of things to send out to them to monetize the list, but affiliate offers about topics they would most likely buy could be your way to making more money.

    You can promote other Amazon products to them if that seems viable for you.

    Are these people interested in creating Kindle eBooks?

    You could probably sell them a course about creating their own books.

    At the end of the day, it's your list, and only you know how to make sure they stay subscribers.

    Don't send them anything you feel is going to compel them to unsubscribe and not want to receive future offers.
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  • Offers about Kindle always seem to work good, for a Kindle List, also other ebook offers.
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    You can send them offers about

    Kindle eReaders (Review Kindle eReaders and insert links Always work)
    Kindle Accessories (cases, chargers, backlight etc)
    Software (To convert other formats to Kindle/eBook making software)
    ePublishing ( Affiliate with ePublsihing Platforms providing easy all in one ebook Production)
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