revive old post pro scam?

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Hello warriors.

It's been some time.

I bought the wordpress plug-in revive old post from this WSO . After purchase, I installed it on my website and got the message "you do not have a valid license. please go to (the plugin author's website) to get license". When I followed the link, all I get is a login page. I did not buy from their website. I bought it from warriorforum and so I don't have an account in their website.

Anyways, I tried creating an account. But that doesn't help. I cannot get the license.

Has anyone purchased from them? If so, how did you get the license?

I've contacted them but no response yet . Have I been scammed?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    The WSO is from last June, and there has been no activity on it since October - as a general rule, it's always a good idea to reach out to the WSO seller and make sure they are still active before purchasing an older WSO.

    In this case, since they are using WarriorPayments - you might want to try reaching out to them via the WP system, and see if they respond, and PM them here as well.

    Since I assume you emailed them via their paypal email address, the next step would be contacting PayPal for a refund.

    I doubt that it is a scam - but they may simply not be monitoring the WSO anymore since it is 9 months old.

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    Contact the seller of the WSO.

    He is the owner not a reseller (according to his posts) and his profile has been active one WF within the past few weeks.

    His website says use the forums for support
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I have already contacted the seller through email and have also posted a support thread on the plugin's official website forum. No reply yet. I'll try contacting his warriorforum account too.
    I think I should be more careful when purchasing next time. Thanks for the suggestions again. I'll wait and see what happens.

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    I got a reply back from their support team and they have solved the issue. Since I already purchased the plugin, they gave me a 100% discount code with which I had to create an account on their website and re-purchase.
    Now I have the license

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