What makes most money? Doing whats popular or starting something new?

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Hey Warriors,

I have been thinking about the types of ways to make money. And frankly everything that people tell me to do like get paid advertising to get fast traffic, do SEO, All of those things recommended by ebooks etc just seem so hard to get as they are so saturated!

What would you invest your time of money into?

1. Do what seems most popular and what works for others


2. Think of new products or services you can do?

(And what would your recommendation for someone new who has made little to no profits be)

Thanks for your replies!
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    Simple answer: both.

    1. Find systems that work and either emulate them exactly or put your own spin on them.

    2. Harder: come up with new ideas.

    If you're new, start out with 1.


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    Go with what's working for others. As you're new, you shouldn't start something new and waste your time and money.

    When you get some experience, you can think to start something new, but for now go with the proven ways to make money online.

    Also whatener you read about paid advertising, traffic, seo, e.t.c. on the ebooks, does works!
    You'll not get any benifit by just trying to copy every method. Give them a twist, think what other things you can use the methods with. You need to be creative to make everything work.

    Competition has increased but they are not that saturated.
    Even you can rank a new site in a month or so, if you find a good uncompetetive keyword.

    Internet Marketing is an art, you need to practise it. Go with whats working, make some good money, then think about new methods.

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      You can do what's working well for others and at the same time, you can keep an eye out for new products or services.

      There's always room for anyone in any niche. Some are more difficult to break into than others but if you have a unique angle with fresh ideas, you can make an impact that much quicker.

      It simply takes work, dedication, and a little patience to get there.

      The vast majority of those methods your are reading in eBooks actually work. It's up to the person reading these methods to make it work for them.
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    I like the idea of taking something that already works and is popular but making it better. Here's a post that explains this in terms of blogging...
    Case Study: One blog post… 10,199 visits in 30 days (without spending a penny)

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    I think you should stick with proven methods to make money online since it's very difficult you will come up with a new concept/idea to make money online when you barely started in this industry.

    You should go with methods which you can find good information on how to get started, for example, affiliate marketing. I'd said this is the most used method for making money online since the beginning of IM, it still works great up to this day and you have a lot of information to get started doing it.

    The important thing is to have motivation and never quit and focus to one method until you have success with it.

    Good luck...
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    Go with the trend and then diversify to improve as you test better results. Then keep the mind open to Aha moments
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