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      Facebook is one that comes to mind. With the right targeting and funnel you have the ability to reach your ideal prospects.
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    Originally Posted by MrLooq View Post

    Hi there!

    My wife and I run a lash extension business in Palo Alto and because of its success we are opening a new San Francisco salon and training center.

    The program is an intensive 2 day training providing a step by step path of how my wife went from zero income to making more than the average family of 4 in only one year... Working part-time.

    We feel there are so many women (and men) who would love to learn this niche beauty business, but we're really stuck when it comes to how to market this training + partnership program.

    The cost is $1,495 and we are, of course, willing to give a referral fee for each lead that attends the training.

    We are humbly asking for guidance and help.

    Hi, have you tried marketing on Linkedin? If you haven't then I suggest you try it. Many people are using Linkedin to increase B2B contacts and market their business using this platform. What you should do is sign-up to Linkedin if you haven't done that yet and then search for people who will be interested on your program, i.e. entrepreneurs and small business owners located in or near San Francisco, beauty consultants, women of 20-60 years of age etc. Set your demographics and then send a connect request to these people. When they accepted your request send them a personalized touching based email with a brief introduction of your services and how you would love to see them in your program. Good luck!
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    Facebook, YouTube and Instagram Can help you promote this kind of training programs.
    Skype: nirali.adattract
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