Can Lists Be Deleted With Aweber?

by Steve Iser 4 replies
I know some other marketers have deleted their lists.

I'm now interested in deleting some too.

Is it possible?

Let me know.



PS. By deleting I don't mean disabling - like... actually delete.
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    When you log in to your account, go to the top left where it states, "Managing List:" and click on "(Add New)". Then you will be taken to the screen that lists your list...and you will have the opportunity to add new lists OR deactivate current lists.

    There may be other ways but this is how I do it.


    P.S. The top of the list screen says, "Note: A deactivated list will be completely deleted after 30 days. It can be reactivated any time within that 30 day period."
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    Disabling a list will delete it after 30 days as Ilene mentioned.

    We do that for obvious reasons so customers don't delete lists by mistake.

    Even with the 30 day period for folks to change their mind I won't begin to
    tell you how many people *still* say they deleted a list by accident.

    Tom Kulzer
    CEO & Founder
    AWeber Communications, Inc.

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