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Pardon in advance for the rather lame thread but after years of contacting people on here and getting rather crap results from vendors (with excellent referral threads) I figured I would throw a hail mary - Rant Over.

Looking for backlinks (assuming that still remotely works as my websites have ramped to page 1 with just decent content lately) for an amazon link.

In short looking for 1-3 keywords to the same page link. Don't care how though I imagine quality links would work (not some weird blog created last night with a comment).

Would love anyone to jump in and make a suggestion, really looking for anyone to take my money if they can PRODUCE results.

Thanks in advance!
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    hey for anyone wondering, I find high quality backlinks by subscribing to the google news updates in my niche, then comment on any new and related stories. sometimes you need a fb account or a disqus account, which in that case I make a separate email and facebook for that project. also, make sure to fill out your social profiles with backlinks to your site.


    and then of course grow your followers on those platforms and produce quality content with backlinks to your site and execute a content marketing plan. keep track of your backlinks.

    I can do all this for you if you want, just send me a dm
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