2 websites - one Mailchimp account?

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I'm creating two new but unrelated sites simultaneously. I'm just wrapping my head around all the list aspects of these things. One question I can't find an answer to anywhere...

Should I be setting up two separate Mailchimp accounts, one for each site? Or should I using one account with two separate lists?

Upside of two account is that, if one gets locked down for some reason (I'm not planning on spamming anyone, but know that MC can sometimes close someone down for investigation if they thing there's something nefarious happening) it won't affect my other account.

Downside is obviously that, if I'm paying for premium accounts, I'm paying for two accounts instead of just one.

What is best practice here?
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    i would say that most of us run many different lists from one autoresponder account. but as you say, that comes with some risk and downsides....like selling one of the businesses and lists.

    a lot of this will have to do with your risk tolerance and your overall business plan.

    its really just a personal choice thing where you have to weigh the pros / cons and decide whats best for you. i have done it both ways for various reasons.
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    Hi T J Smiley,

    You have no probs using multiple websites and 1 mailchimp a/c.

    You simply create different lists. And you don't have to use a premium account because mailchimp offers a "pay as you go" option.

    As far as mailchimp tolerance robot is concerned, in their terms of service they specify clearly what types of businesses they do not support. That list includes MMO, or making money from home.

    I think once you keep off their negative list you should be ok.

    However with all that said - I judge you'll get a better service from 'get response'. Their templates are much better and although they offer squeeze pages as a separate offer you don't have to take up that extra expense.

    Turn $50 into $500!
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    I dont know if you should run with mailchimp.I have heard bad reviews but thats just my opinion.I have done great with aweber
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    Mail chimp is great for consumers, small biz, hobby blogger; but if you're gonna do any affiliate marketing, MLM, IM, CPA, then don't use it. Aweber (or similar) is a small marketing expense but worth it in the end.
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    But mail chimp makes some problems some times . I tried for free account but it doesn't allow to send more mails for free. I tried to send several times using my valid mail address but it stopped to send . I request them to unblock my account but they didn't response .
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    One autoresponder account for several lists is fine and I 2nd aweber over mailchimp.
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    Appreciate the responses, thanks folks. I have been wobbling between AWeber and MailChimp and decided on Mailchimp for both since I'm essentially testing ideas for uptake and thought I'd minimize my cash investment. Most recent reviews and comparisons seem to find pretty equal comparison between the two. Enough so that, should I find response enough to continue on one or both projects, I could always move my list to a different list manager if there was a compelling reason to do so.

    Let's say both ideas do ok, and I decide to sell one off in a year's time to someone who wants that content and list. Is it beneficial to have them in entirely separate accounts? Or could the relevant list just be sold along with the site?
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    I agree, they are all right, you need to not use mail champ, and all you need is one account, you can have as many list as you want

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