What Comes First The Business Or The Money?

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You know that old question what came first the chicken or the egg?

Some say the Chicken....then someone asks well where did the Chicken come from?

OK The Egg. Well where did the egg come from?

I was trying to decide just now should I create a thread on how to make your first money online as well as the fastest ways to go about it.

Then I asked myself what would be more important and have more impact?

Should I instead write a post on how to structure a long term business right from the start on day one?

I really do not like going the cookie cutter one size fits all route because I know every one will be in a different situation and have different resources and budgets to draw from.

You can tell a newbie all day long that you should do this do that and upsell and cross sell and then put a coaching element in place down the road....but if that person does not have 2 coins to rub together its just a bunch of words to them.

Then someone will say well they are not ready for prime time they should not even be thinking about going into business then.

I like to think where there is a will there is a way. Always.

i personally feel there is no better feeling than making that first dollar fast and furious.

That feeling alone will keep you in the game and teach you to roll with the punches and it can be done because you experienced a taste of it already.

When I read a comment about being in the game for months and maybe even years and not making any money I just feel nauseous. Because I know that struggling is NOT a requirement to be successful.

I do not care if you just took one affiliate link and did nothing all day but expose it to as many people as you can anywhere and everywhere and once you got that first sale and see how it feels then you take a deep breath and begin to say hey this stuff works now how can I structure it for the long haul.

I mean not alot of people know what their situation will be next year but we kinda advise them to set their business up for next year. Which is solid advice but just not that practical considering how fast the internet changes and technology changes.

But I will say that having an email list and a following is like having a market in a can...you just pop it open and enjoy its nutrients so to speak.

You survey that list and find out what they truly want to learn and or what problems they are having and you create or have created or affiliate a product/service to meet that need then press SEND. Boom...wake up to sales. IF....you have established a great relationship with that list and you have not hammed then with every product you can find 2 and 3 times a day.

Some marketers say absolutely nothing wrong with that strategy you just keep getting more subscribes then you do unsubscribes each day.

So we choose our own style...if it works for you that is pretty much the final answer.

Pat Flynn is a pretty successful marketer I think we would all agree over at SmartPassiveIncome he very rarely emails. And when he does I can not even remember a promotion inside. And I just love the guy because he really put the income reports on the map and that is one hell of a free education to learn from in my opinion.

Many would never in a million years even give you a hint what niche they were in even here at the forum

But Pat will share that not only yea I affiliate with Blue Host and here is how I do it but he will also share that they will quietly double all his commissions. Who is sharing like that?

And there is another one of my favorite marketers Jeff Johnson of Underground Training Lab. Now that guy aint shy to send some emails out. But yes they will be content heavy and good content in my opinion and yes he is one that will have a pre launch, launch, post launch make a zillion bucks then send you an email the next day (that he probably already had loaded months ago) on a totally new product with the exact same energy and enthusiasm as he had on the last product he just recommended!! You go Jeff!

We live and learn...and I learn alot from guys and gals like these.

So maybe some of you here can tell me what is more important?

In the beginning, setting up your business just right even if you do not have much budget?

Or making some keep you in the game cake/chips/dead presidents/stacks/benjimans/paper/bread/coin/ducats/folding stuff/cabbage/ends/chedda/make it rain/kickstarters/kardashians. (OK I made those last 2 up just now maybe they will catch on.
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