Aweber Confirmed Optin Required with API ?

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I use aweber, and can turn off the 'confirmation required' option which allows someone to be added to my list without checking their email and clicking on the confirmation link. This can be a useful option for some lists and strategies.


I've recently noticed that when using this with a list building plugin which connects with aweber's API, that the 'confirmation' must be required. If I turn it off, aweber gives me no message of this change in their system, the optin person is just not added to the list but shows up as 'confirmation pending.'

I've emailed aweber, and they say it's required for their API.

Is this a recent change?

I posted a recent WSO, and noticed that people were not being added to my list using the WarriorPayment api with aweber. Both WF support and aweber have not been very helpful in explaining or offering a simple solution.

Does this mean I have to create an additional page explaining a confirmation is required in order to get the download/purchase any time I use their api?

The api is supposed to make it easier not harder.

Anyone else running into this? Or any ideas to work around?
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    I'm using aweber but I wasn't aware of this at all. I need to go check my email list, thanks for the heads up
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    Jeff what's up man? I've lost hair trying to automatically add buyers to my list in the past via API.

    Most all autoresponders will require special permission to remove verification with an API add. (And this is on a "per list" basis, not "per account" basis in the majority of instances, according to my own research at least).

    There's a million different workarounds, but I would try to get the API blessing for ONE buyer's list, and then just add all buyers to that list.

    It seems like the most feasible and stress free workaround.

    (Another thing I have toyed with, is asking for the opt-in through a form after they click the cart button, and BEFORE they checkout).

    There are pros and cons of everything you do of course, and I wish you the best. Also hope to hear any commendable dialogue on this topic.
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    Hey Jeff

    I contacted AWeber as this is a great question. Within my limited experience, I found the rep below helpful and willing to accomodate as long as the information below can be provided. His name was Ian and he can be reached at Here was his correspondence with me.

    Thanks for reaching out to AWeber Customer Solutions!

    The general policy is that all API submissions to an AWeber list have to
    go through a confirmation step to generate the audit trail necessary to
    provide deliverability and protection for your campaign.

    That being said, we can look over requests for omitting a confirmation step
    for API submissions. Please provide me with the following info.

    1) What is your account login name?

    2) Which list is this for?

    3) What is the app you are using?

    4) What is your website / product / membership page URL?

    5) What is your thank you page URL?

    6) What are you marketing?

    Once you provide that information, we can take a further look into your request
    and see how best to move forward. If you have any questions, feel free to contact
    us at any point.

    Ian R
    Customer Solutions Specialist
    AWeber Communications
    Email Marketing Software & Email Marketing Newsletters from AWeber
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