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I am a Real Estate Agent that works for a new home developer and I have created my own personal website to attract customers. Customers that come direct to me earn a much higher commission than ones that are given by the developers site. My site has been up for around 3 months but only gets 1 or 2 visitors per day.

Since my main target market is the International Buyer (or buyers from outside my city) does anyone have any suggestions on how to attract more direct clients. This could include suggestions on how to build back links etc.

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    The one thing that I thought of is to make some utube videos using the keywords they would be searching. Also, you could write articles for your website and article directories using the keywords.

    Good Luck,
    Niles Miller
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      We work with a few very large real estate firms on SEO strategy.

      If you would like some serious advice, send me a PM. Will not give away trade secrets, but can give you some solid advice based on your site and target demo.

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