Ever had success using print or radio to direct traffic to your web site?

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Just curious to know if anyone has ever had success with using print publications or radio to send traffic to your website?

Do classifieds work to bring traffic?

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    I've had good luck with print ads and freakin' horrible with radio. I'll never waste money on radio ads again.

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    You can have a success in classified ad sites on an online. And it should be very convincing to the readers.
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  • I had a Celebrity Fansite that got some buzz a couple of years ago. The website was featured on a couple of big morning radio shows during news sections. I didnt get any measurable traffic surge from that.

    However, classified to CPA landing page works GREAT!
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    Jimmy if you do advertise in print or on radio, make sure you incorporate a method to track the results. If you don't you will have no idea whether the offline ads worked or not.
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