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There's a lot of people on this forum thinking to small ( including my self).

We need to think BIGGER.

My goal : 200K/annually , investing 2-3x as much in my businesses

What is your income goal for 2015 and what are you currently doing about it?
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    Thinking big is good . . . but most of the forum members, IMO, ought to start out with realistic, reachable goals.

    Setting lofty and grandiose goals when you make diddly squat is counterproductive. It will lead to discouragement and burnout.

    Set yearly goals that include monthly milestones that will cause you to work and stretch - but that are attainable.

    For anyone making less than $1,000/month (probably 98% of everyone here), a $200K/year goal is just a pipe dream.


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      Steve fell just short of saying this...

      Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

      Set yearly goals that include monthly milestones that will cause you to work and stretch - but that are attainable.
      But I think he would agree that you should also review your annual goal on a quarterly basis.

      Then if you are falling short, you can either revise your goal downward (to prevent that potential disappointment), or modify your strategies to help you make up for those shortfalls.

      If you find that you are doing better than your original goal - you can revise the goal upward so that it's still somewhat of a stretch and doesn't allow you to become complacent.

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        Think Big Dream Big is what I say.
        Fill in the Details Later.

        When we wake up in the morning we think of a Goal first then fill in
        the details along the way. I believe our Goals should be no different.
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    Long term goals need to be big. Daily goals need to be realistic and small
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      There are so many marketers on so many levels here on the forum that there seems to always be a clash of philosophies. And that is a little hard to avoid because the reality is that people see things differently depending on where they are in their marketing.

      I am sure some veteran marketers get a little impatient with total newbies because we have been there done that..not everything of course but we put in a fair amount of mileage and can save people alot of wear and tear if they leverage what we know and share.

      But at the same time I am sure a newbie can get impatient at a veteran marketer who throws out formulas that may be true but they are not grasping it. Then are in the I just need to pay my damn bills and stay afloat and try to learn and succeed without going broke and getting scammed too many times business.

      So I guess somewhere in between is that happy medium where you can think big but deal with the current scenario and budget you are in.

      It really does pay not to be scatter brain and have an ultimate plan. Just keep it firmly based in reality and take notes as much as possible from someone who is currently where you want to be.

      And hell yes read up on people that became self made millionaires why not you?

      I shared a link yesterday in a thread about teenage self made millionaires and one young man started out selling his grandmothers home made jam recipes to locals then local businesses but you could tell he began focusing on structuring his real business into a growth machine and doing things I am sure he was not thinking about in the very beginning but he made the adjustments.
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