How to set up affiliate software and sell products through affiliates

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Hi everyone I am new to this so sorry if I say anything / ask questions which may be obvious.

I have an adult product which we currently sell world wide, we do anywhere from around 200-500 per month depending on how much we advertise.

I am looking to boost sales and do over 1000 orders per month.

I have been looking into the whole affiliate marketing which I think could potentially work for this product.

the product is: Ultimate Range

I am firstly wanting to know how / who I can use to set up the affiliate software, What commission % is usually fair, and if there are any people on here who have any advice on this topic. Are there any affiliate networks that can do all this? I have emailed a few companies but they want almost $30,000 up front which is just rediculous for me to spend at this point in time.

We have just spent a lot of money getting more products in stock and we are now looking to fulfil bigger quantities.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Hey there,

    Not sure if you have looked into it, but there are CPA or performance marketing platforms out there that accept advertisers even in the adult niche.
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    You could look into selling it on Clickbank or JVZoo... Both of these websites are full of affiliates looking for new products to sell. Keep in mind, people usually offer around 50-60% commission and you would want to be around that too in order to pull in marketers.

    I'd also recommend you look into joining,, and some of the other adult webmaster forums.. You'll find tons of good affiliates on those boards too!
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    i thought of setting up myself back then with the product we have and i look into since i don't want to sell my products on cj. maybe youll find it interesting as well.
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    Since you ship worlwide... how about offering dropshipping? Just sell the stuff at a lower price to your dropshippers. I think that is the best way to do it. No money upfront. You may look for dropshipper partners at ebay or contact salehoo owners to endorse your dropshipping offer to their list of top dropshippers.
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    anyone can help me where i get Direct Adult offers .. Pm me or skype me !
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    I would suggest go and take a look at what your competitors are doing. If it is working for them go and model it.

    What software and networks do they use?

    Can you go in and totally dominate them. If not can you go in an get a nice slice of the pie?

    You do not have to be the innovator to absolutely kill it. Facebook was not the first social media platform
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    I know that Commission Junction and ShareASale don't cost that much up front, but then you are also looking at monthly fees. You could also go for a do-it-yourself solution like iDevAffiliate where the software and setup are very affordable, but you won't have access to a network off affiliates (which is OK with me, but you have to be prepared to go out and hand pick your affiliates to recruit them).
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    If you're looking to start own affiliate network then you can set it up at less than a hundred dollars. you can use content lockers and links lockers as well. You can pay your affiliate on any basis such as PPL, PPC, CPS or PPM. Any way you can chose and run own affiliate network. You can give more offers to your affiliates by adding offers from other affiliate networks by POSTBACK scripts.
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