Is there any value in acquiring a domain...

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... of a shuttered retail business?

A well known store in a nearby small town recently (December) closed permanently. Their (lame) website is still running. The store was known and patronized in a 5 mile radius in a suburban area.

I checked WHOIS and it appears that the domain will expire in just a few days.

Assuming that I could grab the domain cheaply (for the cost of placing a domain watch on it to register it as soon as its redemption period ends) ... is there any commercial or e-marketing value to the domain?

Say it's a closed supermarket. Do you think any similar nearby store would be interested in paying for the right to have the domain redirect to their website? Or would there be profit in creating a squatter landing page with Adsense?

Or would doing something like this get one sued (by - the owners of the closed store, by any existing business that was referenced as a franchiser of that closed location, etc.)

Just idly curious if this is worth 10-20 bucks, or is a waste of time, or is unnecessary legal exposure.

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