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HI Everyone,

I am used to working with wordpress. What I would like to do right now is to just have one completely white page with Just a very simple opt-in form for people. I don't need any other functions or even a website, I want my landing page to just be a blank page with a option-form in the middle. I am thinking of using Aweber.

Do you guys know How I can do so? Should I install wordpress first and use a plugin or?
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    Can't say I understand why you want to do this, but WP is definitely overkill if that's all you want.

    Yes. You can "design" your opt-in form on aWeber, and then simply copy/paste the code they will give you into notepad.

    Save the Notepad file, then change the name to whatever you want to call it, but with a .html file extension (rather than .txt).

    Upload that file to whatever folder you want on your server (i.e. under pulic_html, for example).

    Voila!!! you have an optin form on an html page.

    Sid Hale
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    Yes, you can side-step WordPress if you need no other functions. Just use an HTML template and then copy and paste in your aweber autoresponder code. I found this link here for some free HTML templates: 60 High Quality and Free Responsive HTML Templates

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    You can setup an opt in page in literally 5 seconds man! Just look for a free template online and fill in the blanks.
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    I am thinking of using Aweber.
    You can use Aweber's hosted forms.
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    All Right, Thank you so much guys!

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    Yes, you don't need to install WordPress for this. Simply copy paste the code in HTML page and upload it. The page will load super quick.
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    A simple squeeze page seems to convert really well, but i don't think just an optin form would be enough. Try adding a header above it and a few details then the opt-in form
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