How I turned $7.98 into $1435

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I had an idea of creating a a timely website which would ride the coat tails of a popular event. I decided to create a website about the 2015 cricket worldcup. I knew there would be an increase in people searching for keywords that had relatively low traffic so I wanted to capitalize on this.

I bought a domain for $0.99 and then hosting for $6.99.month. I built a wordpress site which would be an all in one site about the 2015 cricket world cup. I started with a page which showed all the cricket worldcup fixtures. This started to get traffic quickly as there were a lot of people searching for the game fixtures and the times. I added some Google adsense to this page and was excited when I started making some money from this. It was very small though.

I then created blog posts about each game and targeted keywords like "India vs West Indies world cup streaming", "watch pakistan vs bangladesh 2015", "India vs Pakistan 2015 world cup scores" and any other variations that I thought people would be searching if they wanted to watch or know more about different games.

This worked extremely well and I started to get a lot of traffic quite quickly. I think this is because the competition was quite low. I added more adsense on the site and started making more money from these ads. Within 2 weeks I was making about between $14-$27/day. I was amazed that this kept happening everyday. The most I made was $39 which happened on the 24th day after creating the site.

After 6 weeks I had made $589 from Google adsense and then decided to list my site for sale. I started the bidding at $400 and after another week it reached $687. By now my adsense revenue hit $748.

After 7 weeks and a total investment of $7.98 I made a total of $1435.

I have been playing around with adsense for a while now but this is the first time I've actually made any serious money from it. I'm so happy with the results and looking to make more sites like this. For all the people out there struggling, keep at it and keep testing new things.

I've learnt a lot on the forum. Thanks for everyone who has contributed.

I'd love to hear about your experience with adsense and small niche websites.
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    Awesome news!
    The obvious challenge with something like this is once the event comes and goes the traffic will die off, but at the same time, as you have proven this is a great way to capitalize on popular events on the short term
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      Originally Posted by ChrisBa View Post

      Awesome news!
      The obvious challenge with something like this is once the event comes and goes the traffic will die off, but at the same time, as you have proven this is a great way to capitalize on popular events on the short term
      yeh I think it would've been better to choose a niche with a more long term focus. This is the reason why I decided to sell the site. I'm working on some other sites that uses the same idea but won't be so dependant on an event and the time.
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    Any way you could teach me how to something like that? I would split the profits with you for share the info! I never done anything remotely close to this stuff and am lost on how to do it.

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    Great story, wish I could do that.
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    You would follow this formula again and again. Great news for your business.
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    You could build a longer term site like this for yearly/seasonal events and just leave it up raking in money. When the next event comes around just post new content about the new event and it should rank even higher because you've had a whole year for your site to gain more authority.
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    Hosting fees is only one month, not months so calculate how much you spent?
    Build niche site is great and the world will end at this month, so you won't find any other buyer until next world cup.
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    Awesome stuffs! Congrats..
    Now you may want to think how you can scale it up with some evergreen topics..

    But it's a good motivation to other members here and I appreciate you much telling your stories here. Some people will post in as a WSO, not here. LoL
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    That's awesome. Pretty cool you were able to sell it afterwards.
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    Congrats! However, the site is based on seasonal traffic, and after world cup those searches will disappear overnight and traffic will come down significantly.
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    Great job!

    Seasonal websites are awesome. You could probably do similar things based around different holidays. Keep plugging along :-)
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    Just a question, how many hours do you spend on the site? Problem with this strategy is it's like a work. You spend your time and then after the event is over your asset (website) is gone. So you need to start again. If it's not seasonal, the more you add content, the higher your asset will be.
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    Great work!
    I have one question,
    How did you rank your website with in one month? Lot of high pr/DA websites writing about same thing then why google ranked up your website?
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