Do you remember the first dollar you made online?

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Do you guys remember the first time you made money online?

My first time was adsense revenue on a clothing blog that I had. I created it more out of passion rather than with the intent to build a business.

I'd love to hear your stories and how you felt.
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    Yep, something like $37 from a clickbank sale via adwords ppc.

    I literally rubbed my eyes just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. That was back in early 2009 though, and i barely knew anything about online marketing.

    Ended up losing like $500 on adwords though, because I thought i would make more sales. That first sale/money can put you in a trance lol
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    lol yep... i remember back in july of 2000 making my first automated $21 :0) it was on 3 sales of a resell rights product... you can see the story View topic - Simple Sites Big Profits 2015 - Its Back And BETTER...View topic - Simple Sites Big Profits 2015 - Its Back And BETTER...Affiliate Marketing Forum
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    Oh man..I can't remember the exact first dollar, but I can remember my first website.. I can also remember my first big sale. I'm thinking my first dollar online actually came from one of my old adult websites, lol.
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    Yep, I believe it was $1.16 from Adsense.

    It's funny, once you see that first bit of money come in you really know that this is real, and you have the ability to make more if you scale it up.

    I haven't looked back since.
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      Yep, as most will agree its hard to forget!

      it was a kidney stone niche site selling a clickbank product ranking for a number of keywords. I couldn't believe I actually made the sale and even went on to make more sales weeks after as well!
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    First dollar was from Adsense. I was hooked ever since.
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    My first buck online came from my involvement in network marketing.

    I wrote all these little 250-450 word articles on - no promotional backlinks or anything just straight to an affiliate offer.

    I made $500 bucks off one of those little (pretty crappy) articles.

    The affiliate system was setup where they sent a commission email saying, "Congratulations! Do a Money Dance!"

    The best part? I was sleeping when the sell happened. How cool is that? From that day on, internet marketing and network marketing were passions and addictions. There is absolutely nothing like getting paid while you're sleeping.

    The opportunity just keeps getting bigger too for those willing to do the work.

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    Yes, I still can remember the first earning in the online sector. I will never forget this my first earning in my whole life. I had earned a small amount of money by hard work by using the Facebook Page. Still I am earning. Of course today I am earning a handsome amount of money.


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      It was way back in 2000, but I'd sold a ton of products and services offline so it wasn't all that exciting to be honest.

      Combining the two (online and offline marketing) is very powerful, and isn't something I see many online marketers doing.

      Of course, it's possible to make a lot of money marketing online only, but one's leaving a lot of money on the table.
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    My first dollar was $25 from Facebook apps in 2012. It was my first earning and I can't forget that day in my life.. I bought a watch for my dad with that dollar. He was really so happy.. It was one of the best day in my life..
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    I earned my first buck online was through freelancing on DP forum.
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