Buyers leaking?... question for CLICKBANK AFFILIATES please :)

by cup243
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How do you Clickbank affiliates deal with the problem of people, after getting interested in what you are promoting but before buying, go to google and do some more resarch for reviews, opinions, etc... and of course, they end up buying trough another affiliate's link!

'Cuz if I have it right, it is the latest affiliate before the purchase the one who gets the commision..?

Obviously choosing a product which gravity is below 20 helps a lot... so that there is not much competition around google, but still I'm worried about the amount of money that I may be leaving on the table thanks to this...

Thanks! and let's make some money today.
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    I don't think there is much you can do about it. The best thing is to make YOUR page so interesting that they get all the info they need.
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    Make review pages also or provide more info on the page you are sending traffic from.
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    Unfortunately, there really isn't anything you can do to totally avoid this. If you want to minimize this happening to you, however, I would firstly make sure you have a good deal of information available on your page so people feel less of a need to go elsewhere. Also, create a review page for the product and put a link on your page to the review page. Tell them that if they want more information, they can go to the linked page, which will also contain your affiliate link.

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