is it ok to use same info in articles & blogs?

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hi warriors,

im new to article writing & blogging and if i use the same information ive got in my blog in an article is this ok?
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    It is not ok. If Google found duplicated content on the internet, they will pick one of it that have the most backlinks.

    My strategy is:

    1. Write an article in a very informal way. Like the way I talk.

    2. Rewrite it into an article that look formal.

    3. Submit to many article directories to build backlinks and traffic.
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      ok so are you suggesting that i should write an article then rewrite this? and then rewrite this all over again? doesnt this really take such a long time? do u think i should hire an article writer?

      & which article directories to submit too?
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        At first it will take you a little longer, but as you practice you can get quite fast. When you consider that sometimes the hardest part of writing an article or blog post is coming up with what to say, rewriting isn't so bad.
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          ok so i shall re - write but is this worth it? writing articles and re-writing does this eventually increase revenue? & how do you use keywords just in the tags?
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