How to talk about competition in sales video

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Whats the best way to discuss "Why I am better than the competition"?

Any rules on that one?

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    That's an easy one....


    It doesn't matter whether it's video or a text based sales page.
    Never... never ever refer to the competition at all.

    Pretend they don't exist - that your product is so superior you don't even give them the time of day.

    Your sales message (in whatever form) should focus on selling you/your product - not comparing your product to someone else's.

    They may not even know about your competitor's product. Why introduce them, and give them one more reason to prolong their decision?

    Sid Hale
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      I agree with Sid,

      Like he said pretend they do not exist. show them that you are the authority in that niche and your the go to guy and your product is the only product that will provide the solution to get them to there end goal.
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    DONT DO THAT. It kinda makes you look like an ass. you have to be cool naturally
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    It's better to refer to "others" rather than specific competitors.

    Things like:

    "I went through the top two affiliate courses online and neither of them teach this important trick you will learn with my system"

    "None of the gurus want you to know..."

    or leave it mysterious like

    "I can't reveal the name of the top affiliate I had lunch with at the affiliate summit. But I can tell you the pile of B.S. he laid on me".

    It is better to create curiosity. Get the people imagining who you might be talking about.

    If you bash someone with lots of fans it's just going to piss off potential customers. If you say "this big anonymous idiot" people will immediately imagine some big guru they do not think much of.

    You sell better by building desire and imagination than promoting the merits of your product. Not that you shouldn't do both but the sizzle sells.

    Finally, when I see someone bashing another product my first thought is, "That other product must be big enough, successful and well known enough to be bashed. I better check it out".

    "My keyword tool is better than Market Samurai" "Really? Is Market Samurai good? Oh look, they have a free trial..."

    Edit: Of course, a fair feature-by-feature comparison of products is a different animal. When you say "competitor" I assume you mean the person/company not the product.
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    I think it's a great idea to never mention your competition ever. Invite your end users into your own little world where you are the king/queen.

    That being said... Some of the most successful email promos I've ever had were when I was bashing the gurus. (lol).

    I never mentioned any gurus by name of course however creating an "Us Vs. Them" dynamic is a great copywriting theme in the IM + Biz Op niche.

    (And, probably all niches if you do a little research and get to understand the common frustrations and pains that your end users are facing).

    Just brainstorming aloud here.
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      Thanks for replies.
      1. I was thinking the same. But when I saw Victor Antonio it changed my mind.
      2. I also see my competition they all say "There is no such product like mine on the market. They are just same boring useless ones".
      3. Can't "hide" competition from buyers. They know it exists. It's best to mention it yourself and clear the doubt.
      This is also one thing that seems to be different for everyone.


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        Did you watch the whole video?

        It's not very long.

        Originally Posted by behnampmdg3 View Post

        I was thinking the same. But when I saw Victor Antonio it changed my mind.
        Listen carefully to what he says at ~5min 30 seconds into the video.

        First, he is talking about giving a live sales presentation where he may be asked about a specific competitor, and while he knows his competitors... he DOESN'T USE this information UNLESS he is asked.

        If you are going to publish a product comparison chart on your website - don't put it on your sales page. Instead, create a separate page for the chart, and then put a link to the competive analysis page in the FAQ of your helpdesk/support system.

        Sid Hale
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  • just don't talk about them

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    I agree with lots of the comments that have been made so far but it is important when talking about your product you focus on benefits and not features. People want to know what is it in it for me?? If you can tell them how it can add value to their lives or business then you will get their attention
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    Your question makes me think about Apple Computers. They have built a cult-like following, a culture, their customers are loyal. If the competition comes out with something with better features and cost less they will not go over to the competition. You may ask the reason for this.

    It all starts with their WHY. The reason that other computer product companies can't touch apple is because they focus on facts, figures, and features. Apple focuses on WHY. Why are we in business.

    Why did we create these products. They have a well defined WHY. They have a culture, they share their beliefs, their customers feel they are part of a movement, their employees feel like they are a part of a movement.

    When people feel like they belong and you believe what they believe they buy from you they forever remain loyal and the competition.....well there is no competition

    When you FOCUS on telling people your WHY in your sales video and your story people identify with that. People make buying decisions based on what they believe.

    Once you tap into that part of the human brain by sharing your WHY. (It's called the limbic brain) you won't have to tell them why you are better than the competition THEY will be telling YOU and all their friends why YOU are better than the competition.

    They will sell your product for you and all you have to do is remain consistent with you story and your WHY and figure out how to tie your story and you WHY into what ever you are selling. Let me know how it goes.

    What exactly is this guy into?

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