How To Keep People From Copying Pages Of Your Website?

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I know there is something that we can place on our websites to keep people from copying them.

Where do I get this?

Can I get such a "copying stopper" for free? If so, where?

Thank you
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    No there is no such thing. You can make it slightly harder and you can send take-down notices but that's it.
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    If your website is Wordpress based, there is a great free security plug-in you can use called "All In One WP Security".

    Once installed, this has a Miscellaneous section in which you can select Copy protection, which basically stops anyone right clicking and copying anything at all from your pages ... cool!

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    The more you try, the more you lose out. See it as compliment instead. If they copy you, then it must mean you're good. If your content was online first, there is not much for you to fear. Or, at least, if we were to believe Google that is.. Best of luck with your site!
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    I remember I launched a product here on the WarriorForum, and PANICKED when I saw people pirating my stuff lol.

    I actually rushed to delete my product and took it down for sale because I was so pissed.

    The truth is that if you publish stuff, it will get pirated. PERIOD.

    Hollywood, the US Government, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, UFC, WWE - basically every industry on the face of the planet that produces media (or any digital content) gets their stuff accessed and reproduced illegally.

    The big organizations can't prevent it. They've tried. They have billions of dollars and can't stop it.

    What chance does the small entrepreneur have to prevent it?

    You can either spend your waking hours crawling the dark spaces of the Internet to prevent theft, or spend your time focusing on creating awesome content that people want to pirate in the first place.

    The choice is yours.

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    There's really no way you can do it if they capture your pages one by one and manually. However, there are javascript and htaccess tools you can use to prevent automated 'page harvesting'
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    Yes, there is a copy protection system, you can use it. If you use this features, no one will be able to select your content. So there is no chance to copy your sites valuable content. Thanks.


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      Yes, there is a copy protection system, you can use it. If you use this features, no one will be able to select your content. So there is no chance to copy your sites valuable content. Thanks.
      The most that's going to do is put off the most technically challenged people. When you view a web page on your browser, the browser downloads the html and images in order to display them. If you can see the content it can be copied. The same is true with DVD, BluRay and CD audio. The only way to stop people copying stuff is not to release it in the first place.
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    It's impossible to prevent. Yes there are tools which deactivate the right click action on a mouse but all the person has to do is view page source and they can access your information. However you can report the offending site to their Internet Service Provider in the hope that they will block the site.
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    Maybe you can use copy protection system so that no one will be able you site's content.
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    Don't fall for these right click disable scripts that say they prevent page and image theft. It's total bull crap. Right clicking is not the only way to save something.

    1. Use the developer menu and view the page source.
    2. While you are looking at the source you can see the urls to any images you want to save also.
    3. In Firefox just hit Ctrl-U and up pops the page source.
    4. Disable javascript and then the script to block right click can't run.
    5. There is even a click key stroke combination that will fly right past the no right click script. Not going to publicly publish that one though for obvious reasons.

    I could add several more ways to the above list but I think that is enough for anyone to figure out that the disable right click scripts are a total waist.

    Rob Whisonant
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    did you try copyscape ?
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    Originally Posted by PeterLarson View Post

    I know there is something that we can place on our websites to keep people from copying them.

    Where do I get this?

    Can I get such a "copying stopper" for free? If so, where?

    Thank you
    If there's one product that can really stop others from copying digital content I'm sure we'll all be dying to purchase that to protect our digital properties. As it was, there is no such product. The thing with the internet is that everything you publish online is open for public use and you can't do anything about it.

    I remember when I was writing blogs for my own website, I saw a badge from Copyscape that says 'PROTECTED BY COPYSCAPE DO NOT COPY'. I immediately put that badge on my website for everyone to see and to my delight...ta da...nothing happens. I still saw my content somewhere else.
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    There is absolutely no way you can protect yourself. You can install all the security plugins you want, if someone wants to copy your content, they will find a way!
    The only thing you can do is put a disclaimer on your page and say it's forbidden to copy anything from your page... but of course, this won't stop anybody either.
    So, what's left is verifying it with copyscape from time to time.
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    Disabling Right Click will only prevent very small amount of visitors to copy your articles or images.

    Most of the site that copy other site content do it using script.
    There is almost no way to prevent that. They constantly update their script.
    Some script that I know even insert certain code inside the copied content to pass copyscape.

    Like Saverok said, better use your time to keep writing new information.

    Adding to that :

    Spend your time to interact with your visitors, reply to their comments, spend time in the forums, be the authority in your niche.

    THAT cannot be steal from you.

    Best Regards,

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    You can do some work to limit this but it's never 100% possible
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    Convert your text into a GIF and tilt at a Dutch angle to prevent an OCR reading it. Make sure that you do not leave any text based body copy. Also, you can disable the right click to make life harder for stealing your screens. Please understand that SEO will suffer as your text is near zero. However, I know a man who is currently using GIF based web pages. He still shows up on the search engines.
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    • Anything you put out becomes available for mass consumption. Theft is inevitable. While there are ways to make it more difficult for thieves, there will always be those who are determined enough to deal with the difficulty.

      Sarevok and heruma are right. Focus on creating good stuff people want to steal and continue strengthening the relationships nobody can steal from you.

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