How to Capture Leads or Sell Products by Sharing Infographics Online?

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Hey, guys. I've recently got some success in viral marketing. One of my shared images received over 100k views just within 3 days according to Imgur stats. I'm pretty sure this is targeted traffic in healthy living niche. The content isn't just fun, it's actually a visual tutorial. The most upsetting part is that it can't convert people into website visitors, leads and sales. That's because you obviously can't rely on links in the image description. First off, most viewers don't care to look at it. Second, when they share the image, the original description with links is not available to new viewers unless they check out the original source what they don't usually do. Third, many places where I share my Imgur images don't even allow links in descriptions.

I added my website name with a call to action at the bottom of the image but it didn't work, just a bunch of hits. I'm thinking of an effective way to convert image viewers into leads and buyers. Any ideas?

Does it make sense to add a QR code to an infographic to direct them right to the sales page? Or should I offer a discount or freebie at the bottom of the image and provide them with a short link to type into their browser? For example (this is a random example, not my spam). Thanks.
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    A problem is nothing more than a solution in work clothes.

    My first question is are you collecting emails from people in your niche market using a landing page, squeeze page, capture page?
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    Hi Max,

    Just to clarify - when you added the brand information to the infographic then you started to receive more traffic to your website, but with no conversions? Is this what you were saying?

    Could you link me to the page where the image is hosted? PM if you like.


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