What are the three memory banks of the human mind?

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I came across this article and I thought I would share.

Here is an important piece to this article.

What are the three memory banks of the human mind?

In his book The Elements of Episodic Memory by Endel Tulving, a Canadian experimental psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist, the so-called "grandfather of modern memory research," defines the three memory systems as:
1. Semantic: knowledge based memories, where we store facts, concepts and language.
2. Episodic: emotional based memories, where we store autobiographical memories.
3. Procedural or Somatic: action based memories, where we store learned behaviors, such as how to drive a car or play a guitar, as well as the physical sensations of bodily movement and our five senses.
For advertising purposes, a good commercial uses imagery that triggers fireworks in all three memory systems. Add in a familiar logo, jingle, and/or tagline to each spot that represents each memory system and you've got the makings of an effective television commercial.
Because when recalling the commercial later, no matter which part of the memory was triggered most, which will vary from person-to-person and their particular mood at the time, it will automatically be coupled with the branding imagery making it easier to remember whatever struck us most about the commercial and, most importantly, the company the commercial belongs too.

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