Got #1 for a keyword on a brand new domain. Disappeared 2 days later.

by Skribblez 11 replies
I created a site to promote Earth4Energy, a renewable energy product/eBook about 2-3 days ago. Took me a few minutes to set up the site, then I spent a few hours building links.

I basically just submit to about 15-20 social bookmarking sites at that time (including Digg and Propeller), made a site review thread for the site on DigitalPoint and DNForum, put the site in my signature on DigitalPoint (I have about 5,000 posts there), SitePoint, and here at WF. Then I created an account at YouTube, Metacafe, and DailyMotion and uploaded one video to each site and had a link to my Earth4Energy site in the description.

I got really tired, so I just went to sleep. Then I wake up to find myself ranking #1. I was pretty happy considering I've never ranked #1 for a term that fast, but I had a feeling it wouldn't last for long, lol. I was at #1 for about 2 days and made 2 sales. Then today, I moved down to #2, and then a few hours later I was on the 3rd or 4th page for earth4energy, and then a few minutes later I disappeared completely, lol.

However, I can still see my site indexed when I search on Google.

If anything, lesson learnt. I guess slow and steady wins the race when it comes to building backlinks.

Anyways, considering my site isn't deindexed/sandboxed, is there still hope for me to get back up to #1, or even the top 10 for that matter for earth4energy? Can I just keep building links? What would you do in this situation?
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    You can save it.

    Just make sure your on-page keyword density is not too keyword rich, change your anchor text away from pure keywords and mix in new links and add content to your site each day. A Blog is best for that.

    This will often happen to a very targeted new site.

    It will re-appear.
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      Yep. James is spot on.

      Keep in mind it can just be a reshuffle too which is common with Google.

      But my number 1 recommendation:

      In that list of things you've done there doesn't seem to be any strategy for getting backlinks from tightly related sites.

      So how about getting backlinks from forums and blogs with high Google page ranks directly related to renewable energy etc.

      There are a TON of those and they're very active forums and blogs too so it should be easy and fun for you to do and give you a good education on the market and what it's looking for.

      Often one backlink from a really good site is all you need to go straight to number one on Google for a long tail keyword phrase.

      Also if you really, desperately want to be number 1 for a particular keyword phrase buy a domain name that matches that keyword phrase exactly.

      Google loves that more than nearly anything else.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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        Thanks guys for the advice! I'm really glad to see that there's still hope. Just to double check though, when you search in Google, can you see my site?
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          ive noticed this happens when you "blast" your site out to social bookmarking sites. Im still trying to figure out the best way myself to keep a rank. I think the key here is being steady.

          If you build 10 backlinks the first day you need to do this the second day (or at least 5-10) and keep it going. When you want to quit building backlinks you should stop gradually (perhaps a 20% reduction per day?)

          Im still trying to figure out a good system myself, its all about testing
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          If you want some targeted backlinks, I can sell you some Linkvana posts?

          Otherwise - try adding a bunch more content (I.E an actual review) which is keyword rich on the site.

          That's what Google ranks - content - which means you've got to give it plenty of bait.

          Were you making any sales from the site?
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    I'm going to try adding more content - I guess a review, FAQ, and a testimonials page, and whatever else I can think of.

    But how would you recommend I water down on the anchor text?

    Should I change the "Earth4Energy" header, so it's just text instead of a link that points back to the main site?

    Or should I just change the "What Is Earth4Energy?" and "Earth4Energy Benefits" to maybe something like "Introduction and "Benefits"?

    Thanks again for the advice
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      What I mean by watering down your anchor text is this:

      In your signature file you are linking to your site with one exact keyword.

      This is coming from all your posts.

      If you add some other words it will change the anchor text.

      Hyper link a phrase instead like " Discover the most effective renewable energy source" etc....

      You will rank well for your product with the other links that are out there.

      At least a small % of your links should not have your keywords in them at all. It is not natural to have too many links with ONLY your keyword in it.

      Sometimes your site will have "click here" or "check this out" links and that looks more normal.
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    Thanks a bunch! I guess I'll try changing around the anchors I've used on various forums and build links using different anchors aswell. When do you think it would be best to start building links again for Earth4Energy to get my site back up there, or do you think it will just go back up by itself if I keep building links using varied anchor texts?
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