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I'm looking for some guidance on how best
to automate the selling process on ebay.

I'll be selling a significant number of DVD
based products and I need to be able to
automate the listing of regular auctions.

What's the most effective way of doing that
and is there a good "professional" solution


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    I would highly recommend auctiva.com
    it used to be free,now they charge a low monthly fee.
    The site is very easy to use and they have many free templates
    that will make you ebay sales page look like a million bucks.

    Something new soon.

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    auctiva.com is a good service that until last month was completely free, at under $10 p/month now though it is still good value. I've been using it for about 3 years and have found it very useful.

    Other similar online services are inkfrog and vendio

    If you have a mac and would prefer an offline application, garagesale is another one I use and recommend.

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    I use eBay Auction Management, Auction Templates, Auction Tools, and Unlimited Image Hosting and find they're pretty darned good. Their service was free until this year but now they charge $2.95 or $9.95 per month, depending on your needs. Worth it.

    Good luck!

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      I think vendio is one of the best. You can also buy vendio store where you import all your ebay auctions and can revise them all, cross selling, comparison with the biggest search engines and many other options. Its about 19.99 per month with image hosting and many other extras.

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        Hello is there any good course anyone can recommend about how to sell on ebay. I want to start selling on ebay but i have no prior knowledge so i would like to learn a bit before jumping in.
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          I have used several solutions, but I like Auctiva. Their image hosting is great and they have really nice templates for most subjects. Among other things, they retain your images and copies of your listings for years. Ebay doesn't do that and that alone can cause a lot of rework sometimes.

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    Please note the original date of this thread

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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