Paid traffic or free traffic?

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Hi warriors,

I'm just wanting to get some feed back on your methods free/paid traffic and results, I personally use paid while building free methods up to run on auto pilot.
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    really 50/50 on my end
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    It depends on the the niche.

    IM niche traffic:
    Warrior Forum
    Product Launches

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    I use both, but always closely monitor my paid traffic resources to make sure ROI is worth it.
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    At the very initial stage till you acquire ranking and all, paid traffic is necessary but there from free traffic speaks once the platform is all set. Then as well paid traffic keeps importance but for me the frequency and percentage gets lessens.
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    The question is: Do you want to spend money or time?

    Sure free traffic can be good but at the cost of time!

    That time could be used in other ways, such as product
    creation, launching WSO's, and list building.

    I find it best to create my short targeted $4-$7 reports
    and release them to my lists and also do a WSO.

    This is top quality buyer traffic that you just couldn't
    get for free.

    ~~ Gary
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      I'd say it completely depends on your niche and how you make your money.

      I make most of my money from display ads and affiliate programs. I therefore rely on free traffic, as the amount I earn per visit is generally too low to justify paying for traffic.

      If I was selling a product, then I would consider paid traffic. But I'd keep a close eye on profitability.
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    The niche is IM I'm currently paid ads consist of bing ads 0.07-0.11 cpc, youtube 5sec ads, free traffic eBay, Facebook page, pinterest and wordpressblog
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  • I use both free and paid. But free traffic costs time and paid traffic costs money. I prefer paid traffic because time costs money too. Always be willing to spend top dollar for quality traffic, IMHO.
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  • It all depends on your budget and niche. Are you selling your own product? Is it in an obscure niche?

    I always tell newbies to go for free traffic because you could NEVER go wrong with any kind of free traffic. You could waste time, but you don't need to see what happened. There are some people who will waste time and money on a paid advertising campaign. If you're new, experiment with free traffic first, and then go onto paid later on in the future when you're ready for it.
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    It varies, but if you want to get data fast and have the ability to scale, paid is the way all day.

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

    Super Affiliates Hang Out Here

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    Sure you must go with paid traffic, because it is scalable.
    If you are on tiny budget on beginning I would recommend using guerilla methods for free traffic. Never depend on one traffic source just like how you wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Let’s say you’re getting a ton of relevant hits to your website from just a Youtube video you uploaded then Youtube decides to take it down citing that you used copyright material. The moment that happens you will no longer get any hits which means you are not getting any sales.
    As sun as you can afford paid traffic start with it because you will be able to scale it....
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    I always recommend YouTube as one of the best free traffic sources. Next would be forum marketing, and Facebook.
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    Paid traffic to get a foot hold and loyal customers, then free traffic comes right after that from google.
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    I agree with members 50/50 is reliable. Its hard to choose only one method. Using combined traffic is the best way to get more accuracy.
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    Originally Posted by Irn7997 View Post

    Hi warriors,

    I'm just wanting to get some feed back on your methods free/paid traffic and results, I personally use paid while building free methods up to run on auto pilot.
    Paid is more instant . Free is like reaching out sharing value on a daily basis and is much slower . On the flip side of things if you learn effective PPC marketing and take advantage of craigs list you can grow.
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    Paid traffic is the best traffic. It is fast and if you know what you are doing you can make a lot of money.
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    Paid traffic is fast traffic but it won't mean that you get to make money because their still is a 'learning curve' to grasp and then sharpen (skills).

    If you do have the dollars to learn first (test the waters) then this may be the way to go for you. However, I had to invest in a few thousand dollars just to 'test' the waters in Paid.

    But yes, once you learn how, it can be a great way to make money.

    I actually like FREE because it 'converts' very nice (for me) and can allow me to build up some rapport with folks first.

    In the end, it is a nice combination to be able to use BOTH.
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    Paid traffic from quality sources is much faster, but free traffic can pay off really well after a lot of work is put into it. Using paid methods while building up your free traffic sources is a very good approach.
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    If you want to sale your product then Paid traffic best for it, but carefully analysis before your invest.
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    For a new site you should start from paid traffic while you are preparing everything for free traffic
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    I use both free and paid.But it depends upon the niche. you might go with paid traffic.First carefully analysis before you invest. Facebook is the source to drive traffic.
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