What should be a good conversion of a sales page?

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Hi there!

I'm confused a little. It's not my first day in IM and with my $100k earned online I can't say I'm a newbie. But I'm gonna ask a really "newbie style" question = ))

From my personal experience, a SP conversion is always about 1-2%. Advertisers on ClickBank are trying to attract new affiliates by stressing that their conversion is around 3 and even 4%(!!!) and they promise $1-3 EPC (so, they also believe it's AWSOME I think).

But once I come to WSO section my world is turned up. I'm said that a good conversion shouldn't be less then 10%. I'm said that everything beyond $1 EPC is a very bad result.

So, maybe the Warrior Forum is somehow different from other sites? Could you please share your experience on this?

Thank you
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