Squidoo- Can I duplicate a lens?

by David Reed 7 replies
Damn it. Just finished creating a lens and now I've noticed I've mis-spelt the name that appears in the url. As there is no way to change this apparently, does anyone know if there is any way to copy the lens and submit again with a different url?

I could manually recreate the lens but I've put a lot into the lens so I'm looking for a quick fix if possible.

Thanks for any suggestions

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    Dangit.. don't ya hate when that happens...

    I had to manually move everything over before..I don't think there is a way to do it automatically...


    Bare Murkage.........

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      Thanks Jay... Thats just the answer I DIDN'T want to hear []

      Oh well, guess I'm off to set up a new lens. What a pain.

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    I hear ya! I have a lens ranked #47 on Squidoo and it's getting almost 1500 hits a week and I spelled infants infanst - SO annoying and i didn't notice it until many months later, so it's already established. I'm leaving it Change it early! lol
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    There's a facility to backup a Squidoo lens as XML - that might get you halfway there. I have no idea how you would upload the backup if the lens was damaged in some way, but it would make sense that there should be a way to do so.
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      Originally Posted by kevinw1 View Post

      There's a facility to backup a Squidoo lens as XML - that might get you halfway there.
      This is the best way, though there's no way to upload it again.

      You'll find the option to download the XML at the bottom of the sidebar while editing your lens. You can then open this file in notepad (or whatever) and copy to contents back into your new lens.
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        have you tried contacing other squidoo users on squidoo to help you? worked for me when i needed help!!
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    I would look at the source code and copy from that. This way
    you have all your content as well as links, jpg addresses, etc.
    Then paste (as appropriate) into the new modules. I would
    also contact Squidoo staff and ask them to delete the error
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