How can promote content before posting on my blog?

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So here I am a beginner and I want to know that how can I promote my content?

There is a lot of buzz that promoting should first step to start blogging before post.
So whats are the best ways?

Can you please be more specific? With some list of site that where I can basically start to promote? Or else ways?

Please suggest me I am really a beginner but very willing to invest much time to stand a blog.

Thank you.
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    Get your blog written and then post a video on youtube but don't give all of the content. Tell them that if they want to know more to go to your blog. Be sure that you post both your blog and your video on this forum and on all of your social media.

    Hope that helps.
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      Various Article Directories. The two I only consider anymore are Ezine and Go Articles.

      Although the usefulness is not close to what they were 7 years ago.

      - Robert Andrew
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    There's a lot of buzz about that, and for a reason. I'm kind of in the same position and actively started promoting my new blog a couple of days ago. The results aren't bad:

    So what did i do?

    -> Before even writing a single word, you need to know how your posts will benefit your audience. So what questions are people asking in your niche? How can you create a post that will benefit them?
    -> Secondly, you need to know where your audience hangs out. Forums are the best place in my opinion, but that depends on your niche.
    -> Finally, reach out to your audience and help them out.

    That's about it, fairly simple concept, but it works.

    Good luck!
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    Article directories are the key, but you should also write on your actual blog!
    Promoting yourself is very important but you need to update your blog regularly as well, in the end it's your website you want people to end up on.
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    Reddit ! come with a quality topic and submit, if your post will be get on the home page, you got yourself a winner
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