Selling an info product...without any existing following?

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Hi Guys,

I've been toying with the idea of creating an info product lately.I'm a copywriter by trade, so I know how to position it and naturally... write effective sales copy.

What I'm not sure of is the best way to drive traffic to the offer.

With most successful product launches that I hear about...there's already a large following and email list to tap into - usually it's a blogger who over a period of months or years has established themselves as an 'authority' on the subject.

How viable is it to just throw up a sales page...and send some paid traffic to it?
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  • You can use paid traffic sources, like facebook ads, pintrest ads etc. Paid traffic is the most reliable source of traffic.

    You want to throw up an opt-in/squeeze page to send your paid traffic too, or you will lose all those leads you paid for. Offer them something for free like a video/ebook/mini-course in exchange for the prospects name and email address. Build trust with them first giving them value and then send them to your sales page.

    Go to a website called jvzoo and you can get jv partner and affiliates to market your product for you to help promote your product launch.
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      Yea, people parrot "paid traffic is the best" like an anthem. But the thing is...ALL the successful product launches that I've heard about ( and the ones I've worked on as a copywriter), involved an "authority" website with a loyal established following.

      I guess I'm looking for some verified success stories here. There's a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to internet marketing advice, and it's difficult to sort what actually works.
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        Originally Posted by John Lloyd View Post

        There's a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to internet marketing advice, and it's difficult to sort what actually works.
        Thats because prevalent way of making money in this MMO niche is to sell other people rehashed info on how to make money.

        If nobody has ever heard of you, chances are that unless somebody known suggests you to his/her followers, you'll have trouble making initial sales.

        Which is why people buy 50+ reviews on their kindle ebook, or offer backroom deals to get folks to say how amazing their WSO is here.

        Your first info product will most likely not make much, if anything. Ditto on next few. So you might want to practically give away first few, maybe 99 cents on Kindle, ... to get reviews. Once you can point to reviews of your existing work, its much easier to sell your stuff.

        And traffic will have to be paid. Whether you pay upfront or offer whoever send you traffic half, it needs to come from somewhere and people need to be interested in reading your copy instead of clicking away before your words sell it.
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        Hey John,

        You said that you "have been toying with the idea", so you have some time to prepare for a launch.

        While your first product launch probably won't set any records, you can still do pretty well with it if you set the stage properly - and (assuming you really over deliver on this first go around) you will have created a foundation for future product launches.

        Originally Posted by John Lloyd View Post

        Yea, people parrot "paid traffic is the best" like an anthem. But the thing is...ALL the successful product launches that I've heard about ( and the ones I've worked on as a copywriter), involved an "authority" website with a loyal established following.
        If you have provided copywriting for a couple of successful launches in the past, contact those clients and float the idea past them. Ask them what they think of your product idea... start a conversation.

        Note - this is a real conversation... one on one. Do this via email if necessary, but more personal contact is preferable (skype, facebook chat, telephone, etc.)

        In the meantime, get started on your product creation. Decide what form the info product will take, what you can add to the offer to increase the perceived value, what graphics you need for the sales site, what affiliate sales platform you will use, etc.

        All of these things need to be done, but they also give you topics to discuss with your past copywriting clients so that you can continue that conversation we started 2 paragraphs back. Grow your relationship with them as you progress with your info product development.

        If your future product is a copywriting product, and these were copywriting clients... can you get a testimonial for your upcoming launch? Maybe one of them would even be willing to let you interview them and use the resulting interview as a bonus for your product offer. GIVE them a free review copy of your info product.

        Now, since these clients were doing product launches - I think it's safe to assume that those efforts resulted in a list of buyers of those products.

        About 2 weeks BEFORE your planned launch date, ask all of them (individually) if they would be interested in promoting your new product when you launch it. Offer this select few potential affiliates (JV partners, in this case) a higher than normal commission rate for any of their referrals that convert. Go ahead and give them the necessary instructions for getting signed up.

        Not all of them will be willing/able to participate, but hopefully they feel like they already have some skin in the game by virtue of having given you feedback and being privy to your plans from the outset. They've watched your entire process unfold from day one.

        One to three days before your launch, advertise your affiliate program everywhere you can. Drive traffic to your affiliate sign up page - NOT your sales page. Got a testimonial or 2 from your "JV Partners"? Add those testimonials to your affiliate sign up page, as well. Use them as social proof in your affiliate recruiting efforts.

        You'll have a "leg up" on most first-time product launchers, and your affiliate base will grow even more the first few days after the launch, as other affiliate marketers see the promotions coming out for your product.

        Sid Hale
        Coming Soon... Rapid Action Profits (Pro)

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    I would recommend following a fairly basic approach.

    Create a lead generation piece of content, create a good lead capture page for it to build an email list, and then sell your product to the list.

    I go into that in significant detail in this post here:

    Now that does take a very definite affiliate marketing slant however it wouldn't be even a little difficult to use what I talk about in that post to promote your own product.

    Stop trying and start DOING

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    Well, I would like to say, if you want a better traffic in your website, then you can prefer paid as well as unpaid both kinds of strategies. SEO and SMM is also the best one, by which you can get a lot more traffic in your website, but make sure, you need to put quality links.
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    Originally Posted by John Lloyd View Post

    I've been toying with the idea of creating an info product lately.
    About what?

    Start there.

    If you're creating a product, you'll first want to research if:
    1. People need the product - is there a market for it? Are their other sellers? Is there a viable audience for your message?

    2. Where is your audience: Where does it hang out? Forums? Blogs? Facebook? Email Lists? Once you have an idea where you can find your audience, you can work on how to reach them.

    I personally like paid traffic for one reason: instant validation. If you have a budget, paid ads let you see if your product sells at all, and if it does, you can tweak your copy and your offer way quicker to increase those conversions.

    Another angle to this is seeing your competition as your prospective partners. They have the kind of audience you are after, so why not contact them to see if they'll help you by sending an email to their lists (of course, for something in return, generally best to offer upfront cash per email, I've seen).

    That should give you some ideas

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    Hi John,

    Listened to an awesome podcast called the "New Rainmaker" by Brian Clark. It was dated 19 March 2015 and titled "How to Build a Profitable Email List with Social Media Advertising".

    It was one of the best overviews from someone who spent loadsa cash on FB advertising but goes onto talk about other paid traffic sources.

    Well worth a listen.

    And I guess.. with your copywriting experience... you have a very clearly defined target audience you want to reach out to?
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    If it has not been mentioned, don't forget to capture those leads so that are in your "funnel"
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