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Hello. Every one I am new to this whole thing, I just started and I want to learn how to promote others product an get leads. any good advice
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    There are lots of ways to promote any product, online, offline or both ...
    What have you tried, or what are you interested in doing?

    Also, have you learned how to do the things below before you decided to do whatever you want to do now for your Internet marketing venture?

    1. How to strategically identify a set of related immediate needs and relevant urgent problems of a specific group of people that you want to cater to and can actually satisfy using your currently available resources?

    2. How to accurately pinpoint the online and offline places where they hang out and search for and talk about relevant solutions and content?

    3. How to correctly find or properly create effective content and solutions that can educate, inform, entertain, satisfy their relevant immediate needs and solve their related urgent problems?

    4. How to effectively grab their attention, keep them interested in viewing more of your content, entice them to actively engage with your content, make them think and feel that they want and need more of your content, and compel them to do whatever you want them to?

    5. How to successfully position your brand, content, solutions, products and services over your competitors in those online and offline places?

    6. How to integrate the six scientific principles of persuasion into your business / product / content development strategies, advertising and marketing campaigns, sales and support processes?

    You can significantly improve your chances for success when you learn the things above before starting with any venture, online or offline, in my opinion ...

    Contact Me HERE...

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  • Hi create some videos and articles linking to your squeeze page. Also buy traffic. Offer your prospect something for free ebook/video/mini-course related to the niche you are in of the product you are promoting, in exchange for your prospects email address.

    Give incomplete information in your free content, and let them know they will get the detailed information in the products you are promoting.

    Build your email list so that you can keep giving them value to build trust with your subscribers, so you can keep sending them offers that ad value to their lives and bring transformation for them.
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      I appreciated everyone's advice. It sounds like finding a simple and to the point way of reaching your target audience is the key.

      Thank You
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    You won`t make very much with JVZoo unless you have a big targeted email list with buyers.
    Concentrate on promoting software and plugins ,not ebooks.
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    There are so many ways to do it.

    Do a lot of reading and choose your method.

    Which ever way you choose can make you money, as long as you stay focus and persistence.

    You will be offered many "Push Button Riches".
    You will be offered many "Overnight Riches" way.
    You will be offered many "Secret","Ninja" and so on.

    Just remember, if it is too good to be true, then it usually is.

    Best regards,

    Heru Muskita
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    As long as you product creates demand there won't be a problem in promoting it. Having the rifht product knowledge and the heart to sell it. Understanding your prospect buyers will do help.
    SELL & BUY Adult Traffic
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  • Hi

    I would tend to agree with Michael's post above about knowing a little more about what you want to achieve.

    However from the little you have given, I would personally go down the sales funnel route, ie.

    1.Create/purchase a product (guide/video/software etc) that you can give away. Make sure it has a squeeze page that requests the details of subscribers in return for the product.
    2. Send traffic to the offer (solo ads, cpc, etc, etc)
    3. Collect the addresses to an autoresponder.
    4. Send the subscribers regular emails that educate/interest/entertain to build a relationship and at the same time...and this is the important bit...offer affiliate products and services that you think might help them.

    This is very much a tried and tested route that will serve you well if done correctly.

    All the best with your online efforts
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    Find a profitable hungry niche people are active in that you have interest in.

    From there focus on creating something of value to give away and use it to build a list.

    Once you have the prospects emails focus on providing real value to them and solutions.

    If you can do this, you will help your prospects achieve there goals while you achieve yours.

    Business is all about creating win/win/win situations for everybody and helping others out.
    Tired of time affiliate marketing strategies that tell you to use logic, prioritize activities, and just "make" the time? Here's the surprising reason that doesn't work, and the reason why this one strategy actually DOES.

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    the easiest way to promote a product is start building your list in that niche and then promte product to your list.
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    Originally Posted by imuniquebaby5 View Post

    Hello. Every one I am new to this whole thing, I just started and I want to learn how to promote others product an get leads. any good advice
    I just made a post which the answer are similar to your question.

    "My suggestion for you is,
    based on what product you're trying to sell.

    For example, if you were to promote gaming content, facebook is your buddy.
    If you were to promote a serious content, let's say buy iPhone, I did say promote on search engine.

    Basically, pick a market, a product which you feel familiar with then think of your traffic source.
    And master the traffic source you've picked.

    It's not difficult, but money and passion and time are your worst enemy. "
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    1. What are your lists interested in? - What did they sign up to your
    lists for?

    2. Find HIGH quality matching affiliate products that fit those needs,
    wants and desires your lists have.

    3. This could be a wide range of related products depending on what
    the size and depth of your niche is.

    4. Use Warrior Plus or JV Zoo 'Search' feature to determine whether
    the product fits your lists needs, is it selling well, how many refunds
    has it had, what are the conversion rates and so on.

    5. Is the sales page well written?

    6. Does it have any compelling testimonials? - Did it GRAB YOU?

    And there's loads more you could do prior to promoting.

    Then you're ready to promote.

    Request to promote affiliate and wait for acceptance.

    Once approved now you can grab your links and promote out to your lists.

    Good Luck!
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