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Lets suppose I had a website called toys.com, its a blog, and I have just written a post called slinky.

On youtube I found a cool video of a guy doing crazy things with a slinky. Is it ok to just comment that I like the video and that viewers can read more about slinkys at my website with a link to my website, or is that wrong/spam. If I did it would it be a link back?

If toys.com has about 20 posts, all different high traffic toys, is there a need at this time to worry about this at all, or should I concentrate on more posts about more toys to get more traffic. Or do the link backs bring the traffic and should be my focus?

I want to get traffic as fast as possible of course.

Thanks for any help.
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    If you are posting a link in comment then it would consider as a spam since you does not own that video.
    Regular comments on the channel can save you al little bit from spam.
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      Hi malaker,

      Why don't you post your own videos, and then have them link back to your website?

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        I would use the share feature and embed his video into my Slinky post.

        Then your readers can watch the video without leaving your post. I would expect this to increase engagement and perhaps get them excited about purchasing their own slinky (which is what you want right?)

        Also don't name your post "slinky" find nice targetable long tail keyword :-) This is the answer to part 2 of your post also - focus on finding the right keywords for your 20 posts and making highly engaging content.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I figured posting a link in a comment would be considered spam, I was hoping being on topic would get me a pass, but I would really be doing it to try to build backlinks. This is why posting my own videos does not solve the problem completely, nor would embedding the video unless it was reciprocated (I embed the video if they post the link). Is that how I should do it?

    If I understand then - It is better work to get the 20 posts to the top of their respective search engine pages than to create 20 more posts?
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