Attention List Builders: How are Sales?

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Just a quick question for all you list builders out there.

I am doing a quick survey for my subscribers and I am trying to get a feel for what is "working" and what isn't "working" in your particular list with your specific methods.

What list building strategies do you use to get higher conversions after you have started building a relationship with them versus when they first got on your list.

For example: Person opts into your list then they are shown a front-end product + 2 up-sells and on average you have a 2% conversion on the FE product, 5% on the first up-sell and 3% on the second up-sell.

30 days later (after you have a built some trust and a relationship) your conversions for the same products have doubled.

What are your experiences with sales after you have built some trust and a relationship with your subscriber versus when they first got on your list?
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