Is there Money in eBooks?

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I'm thinking about selling ebooks on one of the micro-jobs sites? Has anyone had any luck with this? This will include ebooks for seo, IM, just about anything.
I found a website where I can buy and then resell them for profit.
Shoot it straight too me!
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    IM related resell rights ebooks usually have little to no value, and go out of date quickly. But, if it costs nothing to list and does not take a lot of time, then any sale could be found money.

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    You can earn money by selling e-book no doubt. What you can also do is insert affiliate links in your e-book. For example: hosting affiliate links. If people click and buy, you get commission. If your e-book has loads of useful information, people may even buy from your affiliate links
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    If reselling works, then the original seller hire someone to sell his ebooks anywhere. Never think you are going to make profits by selling someone eboook.
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    Is there Money in eBooks?
    There are electrons in ebooks, not money.

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      Originally Posted by Didier Faucher View Post

      There are electrons in ebooks, not money.
      There's money in real books though. Found a $20 bill inside one once.
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    Originally Posted by GiftGallore View Post

    I found a website where I can buy and then resell them for profit.
    Shoot it straight too me!
    You should NEVER buy things to sell you yourself are not absolutely certain about.

    The way you asked sounds like its MRR/PLR. I can sell it. So can lot of other people. And then there are thousands who try to and cant make a single sale.

    If you are starting out I suggest you affiliate for a product instead, where you do not need to buy anything. See if you can sell something people are buying already. Whatever has high gravity on Clickbank is always good choice.

    Because if you cant make easy sales like that, you are not going to move PLR either which is far more competitive niche with people undercutting each other or even giving away for free same ebooks someone else is selling.
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    If you are thinking of making money for selling eBooks it should be an original one and make sure that its unique. Something that someone would really appreciate it. It could be written by you or have someone write an original eBook for you. But never buy stuffs like this and then resell them You are not going anywhere if you will do that.

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    There's definitely money to be made from original ebooks you create that deliver true value to the customer. People are raking it in selling simple but helpful ebooks that provide real solutions on Clickbank, JVZoo, in this forum and elsewhere.

    You have to be selling on these platforms though, where you can have affiliates promote you and you have high perceived value. Trying to sell ebooks on micro-job sites like Fiverr or something similar won't work. People aren't really going on to those sites to purchase ebooks, so there's a mismatch between what the market wants there and what you are providing.
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    There is money in eBooks, but not a lot I mean you'd have to sell 1000's to make a bit of buck, probably a good one time offer that you can send people to after opting into your list.
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    Micojob sites?

    IM Ebook sales?

    As Kindsvater said, it's going to be rough going for the IM niche due to the fact that a lot of IM subniches are NOT evergreen (e.g. marketing topics like SEO)

    The better approach would be to create stripped down versions of your books, distribute them at tons of free document upload sites and use a rotating set of longtail keywords.

    This produces a stream of traffic that can scale up with time as more and more people discover the value you offer.

    Of course, the books should a link to your MAIN 'money' site where you sell your own premium products.
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      Realize this:
      1. Changing the ebook so that it is unique (if it's PLR) will help you make sales over competing with the "as is" ebook you purchase that many others could also be selling.
      2. Adding value to the ebook will help make it unique and will let those who buy it know that you are an authority.
      3. Marketing is what will sell the ebook. If you merely make it available on some bookstore site, chances are you will make no sales (or very few).
      4. The book title and cover graphic are very important and should be professional and enticing. Prospects don't get to see how good your content is until after the purchase. You must make the book stand out for a prospect that merely sees your cover graphic.
      5. Testimonials and social proof are important to book sales. Try to get a dozen good ones before you put the book up for sale.
      6. Remember you're competing with Amazon and Kindle for a sale. That is a daunting task. Pricing your book right is important.
      7. Offer snippets, maybe the table of contents, or even a free chapter to let prospects see the value contained in your book.
      There are other things you can do to make book sales - this is merely a starting point. The biggest thing is . . . don't be lazy about selling your book unless you're content to only make an occasional sale or two a year.


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    The commission is very low so it is hard to earn something.
    You will earn some money by Ebooks only if you have a very huge site with a lot of organic traffic or if you integrate Ebook sales with others products!

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    We are doing about $200 a day in a pet niche, and we started back in JUNE selling an ebook.

    Getting traffic from facebook, and bing, so $200 a day is not all profit but its doing well.

    Bare in mind I have a killer funnel and I have been doing this for years. But once you have a system in place with good and targeted traffic, EBOOKS are absolutely killer.

    Plus we are putting a Membership on the backend for people that buy for $9, and already have a few signups. Recurring income, mixed with ebooks, and getting your buyers list together, is how you can make hundreds of thousands each year.

    Again, it takes hard work, no one ever said this stuff would be easy, but if you want to do well with EBOOKS, you need to create a LIST, and FUNNEL. After trialing about 1000 things, for us this works the best. Low overheads, and high profits. :-) nothing can be schweeeeter! :-)
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    A glance at the Warrior Special Offer section should give a quick and easy answer to your question
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    The price of information will continue to drop as technology advances. For this reason, I believe digital content is best to just 'gift' or sell as 'pay what you want'. Throw some affiliate links in there for QUALITY products for good measure. Read the book Sacred Economics. It's free online.

    I mean if you want to sell garbage ebooks with misleading headlines and value propositions (like most of what's available in the IM niche) then be my guest. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I did that personally.
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    I couldn't disagree more, I've made $130 this week with ebooks alone which are PLR ebooks and ebooks with master resell rights and resell rights.

    I even know who most of my buyers are (I've started asking them), they're affiliate marketers and ebay resellers that rebrand the PLR and make their offers better with value bonuses and one of my customers even told me that he resellers the ebooks he buys on ebay and makes good cash there.

    I know this is not massive amounts of money, but I mean, it runs on auto-pilot and that cash was made while I was asleep lol as BS as that sounds, it's the truth. The funnel is automated, product is digital and provided instantly for download to the customer.

    So I think, with the right marketing and target audience, there is money to be made with reselling ebooks. If you stock the books people want to buy, and make it no brainers, you'll make money!
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    It really depends what are you trying to accomplish!

    If you are just focussing on money? You would fail because you would probably be looking for money from your first ebook. It would not happen. It takes consistency and patience and efforts on your creativity.

    For your success
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    I made my first sale selling an E-book that I got off a site for about $5 back in 2006 , and the short story was that I made $7K in a few weeks all I did was make a crap video put that up on YouTube had no idea what I was doing but people bought It and this was non IM related niche.

    So it can be done but like some of the others have written stay out of the IM niche and you should do fine just remember to change some of the text to suit the country you are in...

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    Sure it is...if they target current/huge desire within those micro-niches (one of the challenges with PLR/MRR products is they tend to be older so their appeal may already have passed depending on the specific angle/title/content they have) AND you can quickly become a kick-a** marketer.

    You are going to have to find the audience, reach them (still allowing you to keep an ROI), convert them and then continue to upsell them over time.

    That takes tons of energy, some time and lots of action...are you up for it?
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