Best way to protect digital products from theft?

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Hello. I was wondering what is the best way--or if there even is a way at all--to protect digital products from theft.

I'm aware of DLGuard but that's not the type of theft (i.e. hackers downloading your product from your site without paying for it) I mean.

I'm talking about an "on-off" switch to de-activate your product for anyone who, um, "shares" your digital product they bought, or tries to sell it as their own without permission, or serial refunders who buy your product, demand a refund, then keep using it. That sort of thing.

I searched the forum and Google. I found Armand Morin USED to have a product called Product Padlock but it's no longer available on his site. I found another product called Digital Lock Down Pro but another Warrior had a bad experience with it (

So, does anyone know if DLGuard can do this? Or is there another product out there for this? Please let me know. Thanks.
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