How do you check if your domain is in the spam blacklist?

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Is there a tool to check if my domain is listed as a spam domain in a blacklist? Something like a Spamhaus list.

I need to check if my domains are in that list and how do you get out of it.
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    That is a good question. I guess you will find out in due time, not sure there is a "Spamhaus."
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    Domain(s) are not listed in RBLs - IPs are. IPs that send emails repeatedly to spam traps, are then entered into the list. However, what you have to be careful off, is that your email server (A Record and can also be MX record) as defined for your mail server that is used to "SEND" email doesn't make it into these RBLs.

    Now if say your machine was compromised, and you were sending spam out, then your IP address of this domain, would get on the RBL. Which means, now if you send an email to any mail server that would happen to check the specific RBL where your IP is blacklisted, it can create problems for you (most mail servers who use RBL, reject email from those IPs listed in RBLs).

    Hope that clarifies.
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      Originally Posted by babushka99 View Post

      Domain(s) are not listed in RBLs - IPs are.
      True, however the URIBL lists domains that are listed IN the spam e-mails, not the IP's of the sending servers.
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        Originally Posted by Steven Carl Kelly View Post

        True, however the URIBL lists domains that are listed IN the spam e-mails, not the IP's of the sending servers.
        You are correct. I had totally forgotten about URIBL. They are also now important too in the RBL eco-system.
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    Hi guys, thanks for your help.

    I'm looking specifically at the domain name blacklist. I remembered last time I received a returned email saying that I'm under some XXXX blacklist and I have to submit something like an 'application' to remove my domain name from the list.

    The reason why I need to ask for this is because AWeber highlighted that my domain is in blacklist.

    Any help?
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      I am also in crisis mode with this blacklist thing. I applied to a CPA network and I received an email from them saying my IP is blacklisted according to

      The problem is I don't have a list or send commercial email; I just get 100s of spam each day.

      What steps can I take to resolve this problem?


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    I don't know if this thread is still alive but I'd like to know the answer as well. I recently did an Adword campaign and I used one of my domains as a landing page. Even though I followed closely to all the TOS of Google, it gave me 1/10 for landing page.

    So my ads were never displayed. But then when I moved the exact content to my other domain which I used as a landing page instead, I got 10/10 for landing page. So it does make a difference and I wonder how I could get my domain whitelisted again.

    Does anyone have any idea how to go about this?
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    my domain is also blacklisted - Home Page
    I am not sure of the reason. As I owned this domain for the last 2 years and I have just recently started to blog and it had nothing before that.

    I tried to contact them but it had no effect they said check if google thinks this domain as malicious, but google never did report this domain as malicious.

    My solution I also bought another domain I used this domain on twitter and redirected this domain to - Home Page

    This is no way a solution but just for now it works

    Hope this helps
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    That's true IPs are blacklisted and not the domains. But iuf the website is banned by Google. It will de-index it. To check for banned websites try Search with Many and if it says there's not a single result for your website, then plan to get out from the banned list coz google kicked your website!
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    Most hosts normally have a blacklist tool on their Cpanel
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