Ok, I Need Some Superman Help With This One..

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Well, maybe not superman help but I'm in a bind right now. Here's how..

Graphic designing isn't my cup of tea (Although I do love art), and I'm starting a niche website but I don't know where to start as far as:
  • logo designing
  • web design
  • infographics
  • stock photos
  • professional pictures of myself on the website
  • YouTube video designing
  • etc
Do I outsource? If so, where do I start? Odesk? Are they reliable? How much would it cost me? (My budget is only about 250 a month since it's in the early stages)

On the other hand, I wouldn't mind at all designing things myself. I'm a dedicated learner but as far as running the business, I want to be on that end of the rope mostly. Not always trying to create the graphics on my own. Of course I will eventually hire a full-time VA for designing purposes when the business grows.

That's why I want to know about the outsourcing aspect of it, while simultaneously (maybe) attempting to do design graphics myself? Is it easy to do? Where would I start as far as logo designing, web designing, YouTube video designing?

Thank youuu,
Jordan Daniels
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    fiverr son!
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    Web design: learn WordPress
    Icons: iconfinder.com
    Images: publicdomainpictures.net
    Info graphics: pinterest.com
    Others: "there's an app for that"
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    Y U No use your bat phone?
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    For stock images, Dollar Photo Club would be a great choice, as each high res photo sold at $1 only
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    Design design design...

    Don't forget the content OP.
    Chillin' hard...
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  • I guess it depends on where you want to sit in the spectrum of Internet marketing and to answer that question will dictate the approach.

    If you want to make your money from doing those things such as designing logos then some of the advice above makes sense. If you want to be a passive income business owner, then it will probably be worthwhile cutting to the chase and getting your website out there ASAP. Based on what you've said that sounds like outsourcing as many of the components as possible..

    Sure, they are all good things to know, but if you don't yet have them, they're delaying you in getting to the market. Added to which for some of the stuff you're looking at there might be more of an outlay than getting them sourced from Fivver would cost you.

    That's not to say don't make a long term plan to learn these things. If you get a successful website up and running and cash coming in from it, buy some of that software you'll need using other people's money.

    My advice though. Be a business owner and get yourself to market as quickly as possible.

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    You absolutely need a designer. Seriously. Don't outsource each little task, because, and no offense, you may not know all the required tasks. Grab a developer.


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    You absolutely need a designer.
    No, you don't. If you can do it yourself (especially the little things) you will be money ahead.

    Often you will spend more time explaining to someone what you want then it takes to make it yourself.

    Also, in my experience, I have more talent then most "designers."
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      No, you don't. If you can do it yourself (especially the little things) you will be money ahead.

      Often you will spend more time explaining to someone what you want then it takes to make it yourself.

      Also, in my experience, I have more talent then most "designers."
      You may have more talent, and that's terrific, but I sense the OP may not. Outsourcing each part to different people is an inefficient use of expenditure; not only that, but the inexperienced person may not know what tasks, what elements, need to be outsourced. Your best bet? If you're "new?" Get a developer. In time, you may save money by doing things yourself, but then you have to consider opportunity cost. The time it would take me to develop a website is best devoted elsewhere. I'll make more money.

      Some food for thought for you there, Brent.


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    I'm on Odesk but my rate is $40.00 per hour. I have 5 star reviews and have worked on project's as high as $15,000.

    That is a very high end website with full membership functionality and custom programming.

    Software engineers are not cheap and that explaines the $15k

    For a simple html/css website with functionally my pricing is $2000.00 but this is custom psd to wordpress.

    Do you have Wire frames? If you are planning a project you really should create wire frames to get a good pricing.

    Wire frames are a blue print to a website. You can drag and drop images or functionality in order to create the frame for your site.

    If someone tell's you $500.00 they are not pro's and you will get a pre made theme with images that may be subject to copy right laws.

    email me if you want more information jacob@vengile.com

    or you can get pricing on my site Get Pricing

    I have been apart of over 100 project's and have seen many fail based on not properly planning out the site the educated way.

    I have also seen people do extremely well and become stars online.

    the one's who don't do well do not take advice from experts and instead shop for the lowest price.
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    I did by-pass web design learning by simply learning how to use WordPress. You won't accomplish that overnight, but it's amazing how quickly you can develop a website since there are so many awesome WP templates to choose from.

    I love using Pixabay for many of my photos and graphics, but you can get some of your simple designs done one fiverr.

    If you're going to invest in something, do invest extra in a logo design. You don't want a cheap, cookie-cutter design. So do invest in that.

    The rest you can actually design yourself quite easily. I have a mixture of super easy, user-friendly software programs to make it easy to design ecovers, banners, headers, quote photos, etc. Just pay attention to using good, readable fonts. Stick to one or two fonts in a graphic design. Don't go crazy with the fonts.

    One of my favorite tools is https://youzign.com/ which offers several types of templates for numerous design purposes.

    For video, there's a LOT of software programs that can help you create a professional type video without a lot of expense, but again, you can consider outsourcing it...which in the beginning can help you launch much faster. If you wish to learn it yourself, you can do so in your spare time, then eventually you can take over the project yourself when you're ready.

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    Outsourcing To Freeelancers

    Freelance sites work much like ebay in reverse. You post your job project, and the freelancers bids to get your job. Many times they will bid lower, (not higher) than another bidder, in an attempt to win your job. Freelancers are rated, with a user rating system, just like ebay. So be sure to choose a freelancer with a positive rating, and a fair amount of feedback ratings. This will not guarantee your satisfaction, but should greatly increase your odds of finding a suitable candidate, with a solid reputation for delivering. It may take a few projects to find just the right talent, you’ll want to give your repeat business.


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    Simple design work can be outsourced cheaply on Fiverr. The level of work some of the sellers do for just $5 is pretty impressive.

    If not, simple logos can be made from Photoshop. If you don't have Photoshop, I like to use https://pixlr.com/ to just create some simple logos using just clean fonts.

    Make sure to select a transparent background when you start a new file and to save it as a .png.
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