Tracking Software Without Monthly Fee?

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Are there any good tracking software options out there where I don't need to pay a monthly fee? I read somewhere that there was a good one you could use on WordPress but forget the name. I like ClickMagiK and some of the others but don't want to pay a monthly charge...
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    The best known is prosper202 but it is best to use at least VPS hosting for that.

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    You can do minimal without a paid tracker, you can always look into using Pretty Link plugin within wordpress to track amount of unique clicks and also use a service such as or Google URL shortener to figure out what regions they are coming from. You may also want to look at installing Google Analytics and Wassup plugin.
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    I agree, the free stuff won't get you a whole lot. Bitly is good for counting clicks and region as mentioned above. But some autoresponders and platforms are not bitly friendly. Best to use something with that allows you to use a custom domain at least for the root domain of your tracking link.

    I'm sure this will be hit and miss contingent upon the platform, but one of my favorite, free, low tech methods is to use "tid" tracking. I.e., for all my capture pages, I put this at the end of the capture page URL:

    (remove the quotes) "/?tid=any_identifier_you_want"

    In my autorespondor, that identifier will be carried through so I can track the source of the opt-in.

    To be serious about marketing, you eventually need to get a paid tracking service and it will help you manage your links as well. This is the paid service I use.

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      Jody, you've obviously been long in marketing – what would you suggest if I’m just a beginner and want to track clicks and conversion of my test LPs? Will free tools mentioned here be enough for me? Like Google Analytics or Wordpress plugins. Or shall I try, say, AdsBridge or any other serious tool (read about those in other threads)?
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      Maybe if they are a 6 figure company already and they are running multiple campaigns...However when someone is just starting out $100-$200 month is a lot.

      Especially if they are just trying to track 1 campaign and a few solo ads, there virtually no way to recoup the cost of that software.

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    You can use Prosper202 or you can use Pretty Link Wordpress plugin and WP Stats, it is a WordPress plugin as well. Good Luck.
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    PS - us Google Analytics to split test pages - the fewer plugins on your site, the better.
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    What do you guys think about AdsBridge? Gonna try it as a tracker - any useful tips? What's your general opinion about it?
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