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If you have your own product that you want to sell, why would you drive traffic to a Squeeze Page? Wouldn't you only concentrate driving traffic to your actual sales page with your product?

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    because its better to capture the leads for followups, sending other offers in the future, building email list and alot more reasons
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    I Prefer delivery the traffic to a squeeze page, giving away a frial trial of the products that i want to sell, then when they join my list, i present a offers with the full version of my products.
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    Sending traffic to a sales page can result in a sale, but that's it. If you send that same traffic to a landing page and are able to get them to opt-in, then not only can you sell them your product, you can sell them other products as well. This results in sales from the same source more than once. You are able to expose people to other offers that might interest them, and therefore benefit both them and yourself.

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    A common method is to capture the email address using your squeeze page and then immediately after the person opts-in your thank you page is the url of your sales page. That way they get on your list and they get the sales/product page that they may be seeking immediate as well.

    If things are working well you will build your list and make some sales as you go along.
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    Did you know that the average conversion rate for a product sold online is only 1% to possibly 2%? Did you also know that it could take up to 7 contacts with a prospect or more before they will purchase?

    Here are 7 undeniable list building facts that will help you decide whether or not to send people to a squeeze page before they are immediately transferred to your sales letter after they have opted-in to your list...

    Fact #1 - Without your own large opt-in email contact list you will have to pay through the nose for any sort of targeted traffic to your websites. Because I have my own large opt-in list, I can’t remember the last time I had to pay for advertising to drive traffic to any of my sites.

    Fact #2 - Without a large opt-in email contact list you have no way of building a relationship with your leads over time. It's a known fact that most people will not buy from you after only one exposure to your product or business…

    So if you don't have a way for them to give you their email address so you can follow-up with them you are losing out on almost 99% of your sales. That means that 99% of your efforts are a waste of your time and money.

    Fact #3 - Having a large and responsive opt-in email contact list is the ultimate protection against your competition. A competitor can quickly copy your product or come out with a better one… but the one thing a competitor cannot copy is your opt-in email contact list.

    Fact #4 - With a large and responsive opt-in email contact list you don't have to worry about creating your own products (if you don't want to). Amateurs lose sleep over the product… Products are a dime a dozen. Savvy marketers focus on becoming masters at building massive high quality opt-in email lists FAST.

    Fact #5 - Having a large and responsive opt-in email list allows you to basically write your own paycheck. Need a quick influx of cash… then simply send a special offer to your list.

    It is the mailing to a large and responsive opt-in list that produces the most results, by far, in the quickest amount of time. You can publish an email message to your list on Friday morning and literally be producing sales by Friday afternoon.

    Fact #6 – A large and responsive opt-in email list gives you power on the Internet. The person with the list makes all the rules. You will find people asking you to do joint ventures, give you their products for review and make all kinds of offers with very high commission rates just so you will indorse their products to your list.

    Fact #7 - It is not hard to build a large and responsive opt-in list. Unfortunately there is not just one list building tactic you can use to build your list. List building takes many tactics working together and is what builds your list at a rapid pace.

    However, non of these list building tactics are hard to implement. You just have to do them every day.

    Also, Affiliate and Partner traffic is one of the best and easiest ways to drive targeted traffic to your offer and beat that 1% or 2% average conversion rate. An affiliate and partner list is one of the most effective and profitable lists you can build.

    I have a JV Partner list of over 8,000 people that I have done some kind of joint venture with. So if I have a new product to release, this is the list I tell first about my new product.

    One of the best ways I found for getting subscribers on to my lists is to go where they all hang out. I found that they mostly hang out on other people's lists.

    My advice for you is to put up a squeeze page to build your list. Find a JV Partner that has a small 1,000 or 2,000 list and offer the JV Partner 100% of the profit from each sale. You will build your list very quickly. Because after that promotion is done, you find another JV Partner to do the same thing.

    You will not make a fortune from one product, especially your first product. The fact is that most of the money you will earn is on the backend. You do not really have a backend if you have no sales and no list.

    Even if you have not developed your own products for your backend, you can use related affiliate products to earn your money on the backend until you can create your own backend products.

    This is the real formula for success using list building.

    I hope this has answered your questions...

    If you have your own product that you want to sell, why would you drive traffic to a Squeeze Page? Wouldn't you only concentrate driving traffic to your actual sales page with your product?

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    Drive traffic to a lead capture page because most of the traffic won't buy immediately. You can then redirect your traffic to the sales page via your opt in form.

    Then you can follow up with your leads and allow them to re-visit your sales page.

    The great majority of [successful] marketers who actually make money consistently do it this way.
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    Originally Posted by Lykkegaard View Post


    If you have your own product that you want to sell, why would you drive traffic to a Squeeze Page? Wouldn't you only concentrate driving traffic to your actual sales page with your product?

    The reason you would want to drive traffic to your squeeze page is because you will have a higher chance of converting that prospect through your follow ups since most people don't buy the first time around. Plus you will be building your own traffic which will only end up resulting in free advertising and multiple sales down the line.
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    Ok, so basically what you are saying is, that I should drive more or less all of my traffic to my squeeze page - offer some kind of free trial to get people to opt in, and then after offer the real product and nurture my list. Makes sense. Just wanted to make sure that this would convert better in the end. But I guess it will since you are all saying the same :-)

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      Originally Posted by AntonioSeegars1 View Post

      If I'm selling my own product, I always drive traffic directly to it. I only use squeeze pages when I want to send people affiliate products I'm promoting. When you sell your own product, you get people's emails anyway, so there's no need to send them to a squeeze page, but some people do this anyway.
      You don't understand the reason for building a list. The only time you MIGHT send people directly to your sales letter if the traffic is already coming from your list. If you are using other methods of driving traffic to your product then you are losing 99% of the people coming to your site because they are not buying the first time they come to your website.

      They leave and you never have contact with them again. Your strategy is a big mistake and is costing you sales. I don't think you will be very successful with your list building strategy.

      Even if people are already on your list, telling them about your product and sending them to a squeeze page first is a very easy way to get them onto another list so they will then receive a new set of follow up messages that can further build your relationship and sell more products.

      It costs 10 times as much to get a new customer than to advertise to current customers and prospects.

      I hope this is helpful,
      Steve Yakim
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        I will have to admit too that I've purchased more products via a squeeze page in the past rather than the usual "product" page. That's just me, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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          Originally Posted by AntonioSeegars1 View Post

          I have a list, a very sizable one. I build it through product sales and squeeze page offers where I give out free products. My list building is very successful.

          I don't lose 99% of the people that go to my sites. Many of my site visitors are repeat visitors. I build authority sites in niches outside of the traditional Internet marketing niches with a lot of content on them, so people have a lot they can read. Almost all of my content is free, and I monetize most of my sites with adsense.

          I have no problem with lists. I myself use one and continually build it. But I don't make my list my sole traffic source. I use longtail articles on my sites to gather organic traffic, and I get direct traffic from links I have on forums and article directories.

          Traffic is what you use to build a list. The more traffic you have, the bigger you can make your list. So if you're not putting focus on getting traffic outside of a list you are automatically putting yourself in the category of a small time Internet marketer, and it will be very difficult for you to make money online.
          I'm sorry, but your original post you did not say what you are saying here. You implied that you don't sent non list traffic to a squeeze page.

          Best regards,
          Steve Yakim
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    The point of squeeze pages is to gather leads. Of course you can just gather leads as people sign up to the main product page. But with a squeeze page you can offer free trials of you product. While they're getting a test drive of your product you're also gather up a list of emails for you to follow up on.
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    Well I think you've had every rinse and repeat answer in this thread from the evangelists of squeeze pages so let me go with a counter argument.

    What no one has asked you is where the traffic is coming from and what frame of mind are they in. If you have pre-sold them on yourself and/or the product through the use of a you tube video, press release. book or article then you may not need to capture their email address.

    In fact you could cost yourself sales by creating friction. You can still capture an email address for future use but do this as apart of the buying processing. There is a little company called amazon that do this.

    Secondly don't believe the bullshit about large lists. I have a list of just over 120 people that I believe is more valuable that 99.99% of most peoples lists on here. It really is all about quality. You also need to invest in the follow up campaign and you will likely have more costs than profits at the early stages. No doubt the disciples will tell you things like each subscriber is worth a dollar a month. I wonder how many of them would be confident to say that to a bank manager or investor?

    Thirdly in scientific tests by Gamberini et al they found that TWICE as many visitors gave up there email address if they were able to access information first (even though they were under no obligation to complete the information) This is a reciprocity approach to list building as opposed to permission.

    I'm a bigger fan of reciprocity as I think squeeze pages can border on blackmail.

    You have a problem > I can solve it > I will give it to your for free > but only if you give me your email. No email no solution.

    Seems quite a low thing to do. I really prefer 'oh yeah i can help you with that, here it is would you like to stay in touch and i can help you more'

    Here's a final thought when you partake in squeeze pages you are actually selling your free trail, report, book, webinar.

    You have the three stages of a sales contract
    • offer (I will give you this freebie in exchange for your email address)
    • acceptance ( visitors believes that there is a value match)
    • Consideration (payment - in this case an email address)

    So its not really free you are just selling it cheap
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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      Make sure you put a video on whatever type of page you choose to do. It makes a huge difference

      I've helped 1723 businesses get more customers. If you want to be successful at your local, national, or international business visit http://bluesearchmarketing.com

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    Another +1 for driving all traffic first to a squeeze page.

    Over the years I have experimented with many different sales techniques using traffic and nothing sells as well as promotion through a targeted list.

    And you can sell over and over again. It really becomes your most important sales asset.
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    If you drive traffic to your sales page, you may get a few conversions. Those that do not convert will never be back nor buy from you in future.

    If you drive traffic to a squeeze page you qualify leads... Warm them up with targeted emails... And you can continue to follow up with that lead. You can redirect them however many times to the sales page, and for those that do not purchase that particular product, they may purchase one of your other future products.

    Consider list building a best practice.
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    Depends on who you ask. A lot of media buyers (especially vendors) like to link directly to a vsl. Why? Because they're focusing on creating a "buyer's" list. In addition, many of them have 3-5 upsells in their funnel. I personally like using squeeze page though.
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    I'll say using the squeeze pagebwould get you a bigger email list...Afterwards you can send them to yournproduct page.

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    Originally Posted by Lykkegaard View Post


    If you have your own product that you want to sell, why would you drive traffic to a Squeeze Page? Wouldn't you only concentrate driving traffic to your actual sales page with your product?

    Like others said, a squeeze page is used because most people will not be buying your product in the first visit, so you have to keep an option to remind them of the product by adding them in your mailing list and sending them a newsletter/autoresponder X-days after their visit, say for example, 2 days, 3 days, etc.

    Also, you may use their email for sending future offers or promotions.

    If you direct a visitor to a product page without any squeeze page then it's just a big loss. If 8/10 visitors choose not to buy on their first visit (which happens VERY often), then you lose them.
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    A squeeze page is used to collect information from prospects/leads and a landing/product page is used to make a sale.

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    Originally Posted by Lykkegaard View Post


    If you have your own product that you want to sell, why would you drive traffic to a Squeeze Page? Wouldn't you only concentrate driving traffic to your actual sales page with your product?

    Hey j,
    At first it seems counter intuitive for the Newbie. As time goes along, you realize that as you are building a relationship with a Sub not only do they buy once, but many times they buy 2, 3,4 times or more from you

    That is why it is crucial to collect their email so you can continue to build a relationship with them and make more and more sales offering multiple products !

    - Robert Andrew
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