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I have been reading online for a few days now. I think I am going to get my reputation built by doing fiverr gigs for content creation/writing.

My passion is sharing knowledge. I am hoping that with this, I can build some income so that I can start doing some publishing on Kindle for my fitness & other ideas.

Is this a good way to start?
I feel myself a bit all over the map yet determined to start somewhere. Put in action
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    Yes, is look good

    try to get some training to do fiver gigs and dominate your niche.

    When you have the money that you want, you can upgrade your biz.
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      You are ahead of the game already. You have the passion, a plan, and you like to write. The writing in particular can be a big obstacle for people.

      It can be overwhelming with so many ideas out here. Start with one. Fiverr is a good way to get started. All the best to you.
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    I need to have training on Fiverr? I am not sure how things work. I thought I could just post a gig and then people will browse.
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      Originally Posted by GenMickensJr View Post

      I need to have training on Fiverr? I am not sure how things work. I thought I could just post a gig and then people will browse.
      You don't need training. I think there are some good methods people are using out there to attract buyers, so you might want to search for some Fiverr methods. I can't recommend any.

      I will say that from what I've learned you need to make sure you fill out your profile completely, add a video if at all possible, add pictures, or some samples of your work. I think Fiverr favors gigs that have completed profiles. Also advertise your gigs in as many places as possible.
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    I had someone suggest to me to do a gig on here but then I thought I would build my credibility, so Fiverr would help. I don't want to be doing cheap stuff but it all adds up as this isn't permanent as I plan on saving the money to do my own ideas on Kindle. It seems like there is a lot of money to be made on Kindle
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    Aside from posting a gig at Fiverr for your content writing services about specialized subject matters you're interested in (you mentioned fitness) -- You can also do the following things:

    1. Set up your own blog and write helpful content about your interests -- Aside from showing your posts to prospects at Fiverr, you can post an exclusive opt-in offer to build a subscriber list. Your offer can be a comprehensive guide material about fitness that'd be helpful to people with relevant needs and problems ...

    2. Contact heavily trafficked fitness blogs. Offer them a guest post in exchange for a byline (you said you want to build your name as a niche expert) and some links to your opt-in offer and Fiverr gig. Some of those blog owners could even start purchasing your Fiverr gigs from time to time, or they could contact you again for follow-up guest posts, feature articles and other mutually beneficial collaboration oppurtunities ...

    3. Contact offline niche magazines -- Show your blog and guest posts. Ask if they'd be interested in having your write a feature article in exchange for a byline or some compensation ...

    4. Actively participate and contribute helpful content in heavily trafficked social communities and content repositories related to fitness and other relevant subject matters. These include Facebook groups, Web forums, blog networks and so on. Some people in those social communities would most likely check out your blog and opt-in offer, as well as contact you for possible writing projects and other collaboration oppurtunities. You can even negotiate guest posting deals and content syndication arrangements with the admins / owners of those social communities ...

    Hope this helps. Best of luck!

    Contact Me HERE...

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      I'd go with what Michael Fuentes here is saying. Tie it all into to a Google+ account and make sure you use the same name (whether a pen name or your real name) everywhere. You'll establish a reputation as an author in Google's eyes, which will help you in the SERPs. Eventually, that'll help you sell your Kindle books.
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