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Hi there,

I am not far from finishing my digital product bundle within self-help for anxiety disorders. It consists of a 100 page high quality ebook, a hypnosis programme (cd) a relaxation CD and a bundle of registration schemes. I used to suffer from anxiety myself, so I know all about it and have really created something here that is not a scam!

Anyways, how would you price a bundle like like this if it were you? :-)

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    You should try checking in Clickbank. In IM niche, the price trend tends to go down over the years so it will $9.97 in IM niche.

    But not sure for your niche. The best place to check is They have products from almost every niche imaginable so you get to see what people are doing, what format of product they're using, and what price they're charging.

    Hope that helps!

    ~ Budi T

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    1. Find out what competitors are charging versus how much value they're giving.
    2. Look at your own product's value.
    3. Set your price accordingly.

    Chillin' hard...
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    Forget the competition - that will drive you crazy and lead you to selling your product for nothing. Sell it for value...

    Be an authority not a fearful price comparison person...

    That should never be your reason for pricing.
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    Do $47

    If your salespage is good, you will have no problem selling it for that.

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    Try about 39.95 for the eBook and support and add a couple of back-end products cds for say 97 and meditation for 197 reduce to 97 if they back away.
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    Maybe you should consider pricing it in different level packages.

    X amount for just the book, and a little higher for the whole package.
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