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I have created a product and I have contacted the top sellers on JVZoo as mentioned in my other thread I started.

What I have found is that most of them said my product is more niche related so I'd be better contacting people in that niche.

For the record, by ebook is a baking guide for beginners.

Who do you think I should reach out to, to get some sales on my product?

I haven't had any sales yet.
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    If the ebook is good, I would reach out to the website pinchofyum.com


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    Originally Posted by John Zoro View Post

    Who do you think I should reach out to, to get some sales on my product?

    The answer is really pretty simple: reach out to your perfect targeted prospects - those are the people that are ready to buy exactly what you are offering.

    You find them by researching the market and identifying your perfect customer then research where an audience of perfect prospects might be found. These are the folks you want to turn into perfect customers.

    There have been many threads on this very topic - use the search function and focus on "market research."

    Good luck to you,


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    Cooking, baking is an easy niche if you go to the right places .. just search google for baking forums.. not here

    Publish it on Kindle - put that you are a published author in your signature.
    Bamm you are an instant authority..

    Go to baking forums - they will eat it up - pun intended.
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    OK! I'll check out some baking forums!

    Thanks guys!
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