Offering upsells on $1 trial - Does it defeat the purpose?

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Hey guys,
What are your thoughts on offering upsells on a $1 trial?


NOTE: I am not asking if $1 trials are a good idea. I'm talking specifically on your experiences with UPSELLS after paying $1


I mean, you offer $1 trail (lets say for 14 days) to try get people in at that super low price point to try your stuff out. Does straight away offering upsells defeat the purpose?

Testing must be done to find out if this will work, but has anyone ever come across this or implemented it into their own sales flow?
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    this is a proven way to earn reoccuring commissions a lot of people will not cancel. people have been doing this forever and still are and will for ages. give it a try
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    It doesn't defeat the purpose, actually straightaway upsells are performing better than delayed ones.

    If they pay the $1 means they are motivated enough and want more.
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    I think the answer is to test. If you've got enough traffic, try the upsell upfront, and then try it later.

    I guess the advantage of the upsell being upfront is that it's in their face - they have to respond yes or no.

    If you offer something later, how do you do that? If it's by email, then you've got open rates to contend with. Perhaps it's better being a pop up that shows when they login to your site.
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    Originally Posted by charliemwallace View Post

    What are your thoughts on offering upsells on a $1 trial?
    If you're asking whether $1 trials for $XXX / month subscription products have been proven to be viable in terms of producing good conversions ...

    ... THEN ...

    Yes, this has been successfully done by many companies, small businesses and even one-man operations ...

    Some examples are AWeber's $1 trial offer for their autoresponder product, some WSO Web and desktop-based SAAS (software as a service) products in the past several years, and free trial software products from various brands with a premium $29 / year or so price tag and upsells for premium support and more features ...

    ... AND ...

    If you're asking about the possible results you could get by offering a $1 trial for your "high converting guitar course" in your sig ...

    ... THEN ...

    Possible results would primarily depend on your targeting, among other relevant factors ...

    Here are some "if" cases to illustrate this:

    If your trial offer is designed to give them sufficient or even more value than what your ideal customers expect from $1 ...

    If your trial offer is also designed to make them think and feel that they'd be getting sufficient or even more value by continuing with the rest of your offer based on what they expect to get from the price of your full offer and based on the value they got from your $1 trial offer ...

    If you design the sales copy for your full offer in a way that effectively compels them to continue with their subscription ...

    If you design the sales copy for your trial offer in a way that effectively compels your ideal customers to sign up ...

    If you design your offsite ad materials in a way that can grab the attention of your ideal customers, entice them to learn more, engage them in contacting you for quick helpful answers to their questions about your trial offer, and compel them to sign up for your trial offer ...

    If you position your offsite ad materials in online and offline places where your ideal customers hang out and where they expect to find solutions to their relevant needs and problems; and

    If you actively participate and initiate discussions with valuable content contributions, creative insights, thought-provoking logical commentaries and unique opinionated perspectives in the social communities where your ideal customers spend time in and expect to talk and learn about solutions for their related needs and problems ...

    ... THEN ...

    You'd most likely do well, though nothing is guaranteed, of course, since these things are dependent on many factors, including subjective and creative concepts, processes and systems ...

    Contact Me HERE...

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    Do it! You can't go wrong as you never know what someones motivation is.
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      The way I have found this to be most effective is to have the upsell as an entirely different product than the $1 trial.

      This way the upsell could be a continuity membership or expansion of the main product. The point is that the upsell is a separate charge from the $1 trial.

      So, overall, you'd get the fee for the upsell (it's own separate purchase) then the main product purchase after the 14 day trial, which is whatever the fee is for the main product.
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    Hey guys,
    Thanks for the input, there seems to be a little confusing though.

    I am not asking if $1 trials are a good idea, because I know they are because I have been using it with great success for some time now.

    I am asking specifically about upsell flows after the payment of the $1.

    For instance...

    Someone pays $1 for 14 day trial then monthly payments after that.

    Immediately after $1 has been paid they get offered an upsell worth $XX
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      Is your "upsell" the continuation of the subscription (with monthly payments), or another product / subscription offer?

      Anyway, what works well, based on some of our similar campaigns for a few clients (mainly software companies), is to set automatic level-up subscriptions for trial subscribers to the full subscription package ...

      For example, people sign up for your $1 trial. After the trial period, if they don't cancel, then their subscriptions will be converted to the full subscription ...

      ... HOWEVER ...

      Make it clear in your trial offer sales copy that their trial subscriptions will be automatically converted to a full subscription if they don't cancel within the trial period ...

      Give them a quick and easy way to cancel their trial subscriptions ...

      Include a link in your "Thank You" emails for your trial offer. This should point to a page with simple to follow, easy to understand step by step instructions for cancelling their trial subscriptions ...

      This'll significantly reduce support calls / emails / live chat requests and refunds ...

      Contact Me HERE...

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    It depends on the item you're selling.
    Trial would certainly boost your conversion rate.

    For your information, I would upsell them later.
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    I will give you my experience concerning trials with upsells. I have experienced about a 50% conversion rate. Which is decent. This means out of ten people who sign up for the $1 trial, half will rollover to higher billing. The only problem I run into are people who forget to cancel and get billed the rollover amount. They scream bloody murder and want an instant refund. Also, if the rollover price is relatively small, say $10-20, you will retain more subscribers. If your rollover goes from a $1 trial to regular monthly billing of $79.99, you will experience an exodus of subscribers. My two sense!
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