Teespring + Facebook Ad Reports Not Showing Conversions

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I was just curious to know if it's"standard protocol" for Facebook Ad Reports to not show a good percentage of your conversions?

I have 6 sales so far and only 2 are showing (yesterdays sales). The 4 today don't seem to be showing, so I'm not entirely sure if there is a lag or not.

Here is what's happening

1. My conversion pixel IS showing as verified in FB.

2. Under Conversion Tracking - the pixels are showing as being tracked.

3. However, under Facebook Reports, the tracking pixels for today are not showing.

- This typical of Teespring/FB campaigns?

- If so, has anyone found a workaround?

Seems very frustrating to have a few high converting campaigns and not be able to track over 50% of the demographics back to the conversion. That's like getting your one good arm chopped off in a fist fight.
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    Nevermind...seems as if I got a rush of conversions showing up on my FB reports all at once. Delayed reporting I suppose.
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