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My dating site, which is free, gets around 1 million impressions a month. I'm currently using AdSense but it's not paying what I want. I've tried offers for weight loss, diet, get her and others but nothing seems to convert well. This traffic is mostly US and UK. Any ideas on what I can promote that would convert better than AdSense? These are single men and women from US and UK. Oh and other dating offers don't work either.
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    Have you ever considered designing and offering products, and marketing them yourself?

    You need to focus on promoting things that add value to why your customers already visit your page.

    What are their biggest struggling points? For example, what else would they like to learn? Do they want to know how to get more dates, build successful relationships, how to talk to new people?

    Even if they're looking for relationships, people are always looking for ways to improve and enhance their skills to have more success in whatever they're trying to do.

    They know your site, have a relationship with your brand, and trust YOU, so when you offer products it sends a completely different message than if you promote others' products (you're trying to help them with quality products, versus just putting up ads to try and make money.

    This way you're promoting and advertising, but it's of value to many of your customers, because you're giving them things that are already aligned with what they're looking for.
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    Chris had several good points. I'd like to add to them.

    It's a dating site so I presume you can see the message traffic between people. What are they saying?

    You said that "get her" offers don't convert well. But this is an electronic medium. Have you tried the offers that were specific to online (one has to do with text messaging and it converts well on email list traffic). Have you tried marketing a "make him love you" type of offer to the women?

    Also, I know it's a dating site but have you tried to segment out your membership base. Create an offer to get people to join your list so you know who is looking to learn a little more and have the offer specific if the person is male or female.

    Then only sell by email to the people interested in that.

    You do have to remember that on a dating site people are looking to actually talk to and meet up with people so you're going to have to overcome that "framing" issue as well.

    That's why sooner or later most dating sites have to charge a monthly membership fee because people aren't interested in much else other than what they're doing.

    Your other option ... Try and get involved with some kind of CPM network as a publisher where you can be paid for impressions no matter what action the person takes. In fact you may want to try and do this one first

    Stop trying and start DOING

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    If you're a member of any reputable CPA companies, ask your affiliate manager what they recommend?

    (A good affiliate manager worth their salt will have their finger on the pulse for such a large market).
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      Have tried CPA offers as well. They were dating offers but nothing converted.
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        Originally Posted by myallenmedia View Post

        Have tried CPA offers as well. They were dating offers but nothing converted.
        Have you tried any of the CPM networks and being a publisher with them? That seems like your best route to make imediate improvements to how much your site makes.

        Stop trying and start DOING

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    Did you try on any other Ads media? In my opinion Propeller Ads Media would be a good option for you. As you mentioned your traffic mostly from US, they are offering highest CPM for OnClick ads.

    User initiated full page ads. May be implemented in any place of the page. Helps to get up to 200% more revenue from your site audience. Doesn’t effect results from classic ad formats and doesn’t drop your search engine ranking. Is not annoying being at the same time most effective for the advertisers, gives up to 10$ CPM.
    Their onclick technology helps to set this format the way you prefer in terms of frequency capping, targeting, fits specific sites as well.
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    Have you tried using other medium or other those you mentioned on your post? If not, then you have to try using other medium same as Adsense to put ads on your site.

    Then consider also your site content as to why you have low conversion. Make sure that whatever ad content you are placing on your site conveys compelling message in a timely manner for your targeted audience from the countries you mentioned.

    Get Your Free Copywriting Guide at

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    Upgrate to MemberShip Sites, You Will Recive Monthly Revenue Without Worry
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    try connecting with your site members with some educational stuffs .. once you built trust with them then sell ...
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    Chris is right, you should offer them something of value, it's a win-win. Adsense is ok, but earnings have dropped a lot in the past few years, especially for the most competitive niches, which is why you should definitely start thinking about alternatives.
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    Learn competitor reengineering. Effectively: look at your competition and learn how they derive income and traffic. That's the shortest explanation. I know more than a thing or two about the subject here, but it would honestly take so long to give a detailed reply: I'd be at it for a month. Take my advice; use the above.


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    Try some CPA networks, now a days CPA marketing is good ways to convert your traffic in cash.
    Skype: adattract
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