Twitter - Excellent B2B relationship & referral marketing tool

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A client and I were testing Twitter to see if it attracted brides (they provide wedding entertainment). 48 hours later, and the results are in...and unexpected.

While Twitter wasn't much use as a source of brides, it did put the client in touch with a large number of complimentary businesses. In their case, this offers far more potential than 5-10 future brides ever could.

It turns out that Twitter is...
  • A great way to test an idea and see if a market exists (worst case, you lose a few hours but no money)
  • An excellent tool to forge new relationships, build alliances and meet people ahead of you in the supply chain (i.e. people who meet your future clients before your do, and can refer them on to you)
You'll find the blog entry here. You'll find it useful if you're interested in relationship, affiliate and/or referral marketing.
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