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Hi guys, I have a health and fitness website that is geared towards the 30-50yr old crowd. Right now it is nothing more than a blog that costs me money to keep it running every month. I want to start promoting some affiliate products on my website. I have been looking at clickbank to see what they offer. The ones that I like I try to email them to ask to have a little bit more info on their product so I have a better idea what it is all about. This way I can write a promotional review on my website. I have had limited success with getting people to get me more information. I don't just want to blindly recommend people's product. Am I going about this wrong? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    How much traffic does your website get every day? Does it have blog section? If yes, how often is it updated.
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      Originally Posted by astral walker View Post

      How much traffic does your website get every day? Does it have blog section? If yes, how often is it updated.

      I get between 1000 and 2000 daily. Yes it has a blog section
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    Some people might give you limited access to do a review, however, most of the time you will need to actually purchase the product in order to do a good review. I know paying for a product you may not need seems annoying, but look at it as an investment. You are putting a little money into the product now so that you can better explain to others why they should buy it from your affiliate link later. Ultimately this should work out in your favor.

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    Hi there, Personally, I do not promote any digital item from clickbank or anywhere else, unless I own a copy and have reviewed it thoroughly. You can also consider Amazon for physical products related to your website e.g. kettleball.

    As far as promoting the products go. Write up a report related to health and fitness and give it away in return for email addresses and use it to build a list. You might be able to find a related PLR product that you can re-write for this purpose.

    Promote the giveaway as well as any affiliate products via YouTube. embed the videos on your website as well.
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    Sometimes you just have to buy the product and test it out. If you don't like it especially on Clickbank you can return it.

    I realize good customer service is important especially for products you may promote to your list but in the case of an ebook I would consider it less so. Remember a lot of publishers are out living the "lifestyle" that IM provides so they may not be checking in as often.

    Again, above is what I do occasionally to get more information especially if the JV page doesn't provide it or I can't get a hold of the publisher. And if I end up promoting the product I keep it!
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    The first thing you must do is to collect email in your site. You do well to know that your audience is arround 30-50yr. Then check in internet the product related to this kind of age. When you see one , get deeper in search about its review online. If you read a lot review you will come up with the real idea of the product and write yours with complete explanation.

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