How to get 20000 visitors a day?

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I have a health and fitness blog that is getting 20000 visitors a year!
how do I get 20000 visitors a day??
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    Well. You mentioned here that your currently visitor 20000 per year. Now you want to increase your site visitor 20000 per day. Of course it is possible. In this case, you need to do more & more SEO & write more & more original content. If your site has many useful & original content, your visitor will be increased. There is no doubt. You need to work more & more to reach to your destination. Thanks
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      why the word "surgeon" in your url and site name. the site has absolutely nothing to do with surgery, so when you do start getting traffic, you will probably have a very high bounce rate


      Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
      ~Jack Handey~

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    Originally Posted by smitchacha View Post

    I have a health and fitness blog that is getting 20000 visitors a year!
    how do I get 20000 visitors a day???
    Get your yearly traffic to all visit on the same day.

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    There are A rule In Affiliate Marketing : ( If Something Worked For You Just Duplicate it ! )

    You Need More Efforts And More Content And More Seo To achieve Your target

    I Wish You The Best
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    Originally Posted by smitchacha View Post

    I have a health and fitness blog that is getting 20000 visitors a year!
    how do I get 20000 visitors a day??
    Offer value that would make others want to share your content and promote it to their lists, and build relationships with these influential people in your niche, get backlinks from them, and build a Facebook and Twitter following who will further retweet and share your message to spread traffic - it all comes back to having the best content in your niche.
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      you get 20,000 visitors to your site I would suggest you look into paid advertising

      you would also need to understand how convert traffic as getting 20,000 visitors a day will be very expensive

      what I would suggest you to do is start by focusing on one page, look into your stats on your site, what is converting on your site and then design a landing page, to convert your visitors into either leads or sales.

      I would ,more look at the metric of getting certain amount of sales per day instead of visitors, as that is the only metric that really matters

      try to get 200 vistiors a day to your site and convert that first into a positive campaign and then look into increasing your visitors until you reach your magic number

      there are many ways to get traffic to your site but I would focus on paid as it will allow you to scale to the numbers you want
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    Originally Posted by smitchacha View Post

    I have a health and fitness blog that is getting 20000 visitors a year!
    how do I get 20000 visitors a day??
    Are you interested in paid traffic or just free?
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    Do whatever you're doing now, but just 365x better
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    Are those 20,000 bringing some income to you? How do those figures translate into a possibility of buying some traffic?
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    If your traffic converts, it's very good (otherwise you waste the bandwith of your hosting). By the way the best thing is create your list of subscribers
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    Purchase Website Traffc. Adwords, SEO, SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO.
    Have many links referring to your domain name web site as possible. SEO SEO SEO.
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    What methods are you currently using to get traffic?
    I would suggest you invest some money into paid traffic, if you're not doing it already. Free methods work as well, of course, but you'd need to invest a lot of time to get to your goal.
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    Use google adword planner to work on topics/subjects
    create site-map
    submit site to google webmaster tool
    submit url to major website using Search Engine Submission & Optimization - SEO Tools - Online Website Marketing
    generate backlinks using Free Backlinks Generator ~ Backlink Builder Service
    use social medium & forums to further promote and generate more backlings

    fjgraphicdesign®| graphic designer
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    It all depends on your current strategy.

    For example, if you have something that works, then can you simply upscale that form of marketing? For example, if you were getting a lot of views from Google Ads, then you could simply increase your budget and focus your keywords even more to increase the volume and quality of the traffic to your site.

    As others have mentioned above, JVs with others in your industry can also be a quick way to generate traffic to your site.

    One important point though - make sure that you are improving your conversion strategies on your website to convert more visitors into followers (get them onto your list), and then eventually into paying customers. This can be a lot more beneficial than generating more traffic if you are selling products, as you can have all the traffic that you want to in the world, but it is the conversion rate and sales that will actually put cash into your bank account!

    All the best,

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    Create a converting funnel off the back of that site then look into paid traffic.

    If you can spend $1 and get $1 back you are laughing you can then scale that to be spending $20,000 a day and getting that back just make sure you have a solid back end.

    That is the way you scale a real business online
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    (Works Even If You Have A Full Time Job And No Previous Experience)
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