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by max121
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hi guys,
For the last past week I have been working on getting some web designing gigs like logos, covers etc. Whenever a gig comes out related to that, I sent them an email showing my interest and my past work but nobody replies. A whole week passed but i have not got any gig. May be i m doing something wrong. Can you please suggest something how can I get gigs. Although it comes but may be the way of mailing or content in the mails is not right.
Please suggest.
Thank you for your time.
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    Post a thread here: Warriors For Hire.
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    The Warriors for hire section is great. Post something in there then add a link to the thread in your sig. You will get a decent amount of residual traffic if you remain active on the forum.
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    Same here mate. I received only one order and it is my 8th day on fiverr. Keep patience and try hard.

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    You could list on SEOClerks as well... For Fiverr, the big thing is getting your review count up. Offer free 24hr delivery as that may help. Put some of your example work in the images that people see when viewing your gig. You could also put in your description "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" or something which may draw some interest.
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    freelancer has some good contests. if your work is good, then you'll do well there.
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    What websites are you active on?

    Until you reply, you need to know that regardless of what freelance website you are selling your services on, if you're a beginner, it will be very difficult to land your first few jobs. You don't have a reputation yet and people probably don't trust you, so they will choose to work with the people who already have a few reviews and know what to expect.

    Don't get discouraged though, you'll get there!
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    When I was desperate I did free work around the place.

    Got return paid work from same people, and it is still going>>>

    Depends on your personality and what you're willing to put out to get back. Give and receive and all that.
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    Keep up the hustle and like previously said doing some free work to get up your reputation is great.

    see what marketing is working for other people and also model what they are doing. Even if that means you need to be a spy and act like you are looking for web design services yourself

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